So Far, Israel’s Cost paid in Full by USA

Prof. As’ad Abdul Rahman

On December 9, 2002, staff writer David Francis wrote in the Christian Science Monitor, that “Israel has cost the United States about $1.6 trillion, since 1973. If divided by population, it is more than $5700.00 per person.” Francis was quoting an estimate reached by Thomas Stauffer who is a consulting economist of great standing in Washington. The importance of Stauffer himself and his research and outcome justifies more elaboration The losses in dollars sustained by the U.S.A. for her blind support of Israel are also in the hundreds of billions of dollars, according to the figures of Stauffer who was commissioned by the U.S. Army War College to tally the total costs of U.S. Middle East policy whose cornerstone is to fully support Israel economically, militarily, politically, and otherwise. Stauffer also estimated the cost paid by Washington for its support of Israel during the 1973 war which triggered the Arab oil embargo against the USA. The effect was a deep economic recession in which “the U.S. lost $420 billion and a boost in oil prices costing another $450 billion.” The same economist calculated the amount of tax free Israeli bonds sold in the USA every year by American Jewish organizations exceeding $50 billion, as “a net drain on the American economy.”  According to Stauffer, “the oil embargo forced America to set up storage facilities to store oil which till 2001 has cost America $134 billion.”

There are 3600 Jewish organizations whose assets are worth more than $160 billion earning more than $14 billion tax free dollars a year which are being used mostly to aid Israel. By using (indeed, exploiting) ‘the guilt feeling’ of the Western world in the aftermath of the holocaust, Israel makes sure that its survival as a Zionist state is protected at all costs by the Western world especially with its very solid alliance with the U.S.A. Israel can never maintain its colonial/Zionist status without being ‘a Spartan military state’ surrounded by deadly enemies. Israel has to fabricate a convenient enemy to serve its agenda of keeping the U.S.A. tied to its military adventurism in the Middle East. Saddam Hussein had to be demonized. He became the ‘the enemy’ to convince Washington to wage war against him. “A new neo- conservative republican lobby was created by David Wurmser and his Israeli born wife, Meyrav”, according to their bio displayed on the internet. Saddam Hussein became “the new devil” after the demise of “the evil empire”, the name of the Soviet Union coined by conservative republicans and their political base, the fundamentalist Christian right, the so-called “Zionist Christians”, the most ardent supporters of Israel in the U.S.A.

The neo-conservative republicans, spearheaded by former Vice President Dick Cheney and his strategic assistant, David Wurmser with the help of the Likud (and other extremist Zionists) lobby in Washington convinced President George W. Bush to wage two simultaneous wars in Afghanistan and Iraq costing the U.S.A. dear lives of her youth and pushing the American economy into a bottomless hole turning the surplus of President Clinton of $1.7 trillion into a deficit of more than $17 trillion at the end of the Bush Administration.

The blind U.S.A. support of Israel has contributed significantly to the bankruptcy of the American economy which is now threatening the national security of the whole western world. In the present global political scene, we are witnessing today two Takfiri sides (one “Islamist” and the other “Jewish”) trying to negate each other, disguised by a false religious garb that absolutely has nothing to do with true Judaism or true Islam. Both sides are racing to commit suicide, on one side comes Al-Qaeda (and its off-shoots) doing it knowingly hoping to take with it the maximum number of its enemies and on the other side is the extreme religious and ultra-nationalist right in Israel who is in absolute denial, busy fabricating ‘convenient enemies’, while ignoring the humongous deadly threat knocking on Israel’s doors in the Golan Heights and in Sinai with “Al-Qaeda’s favorite mass disruptive weapon”, as coined by the CIA.

The rejection of the two-state solution by Israel and opting instead for the total Judaization of historical Palestine is threatening to lead to the continued isolation (and some even say the demise) of the state of Israel, according to many western politicians and several intelligence agencies as well as the J Street lobby of the Union of Reform Jews of America. A just peace with a real independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital and a fair resolution to the issue of Palestinians who were forced to leave their homes and land, according to international legality spelt out in UN resolutions, is the only guarantee for the survival of the Israel and its Jews. But Israel has to liberate itself, first, from its apartheid/colonial Zionist garb (against the Palestinians and other Arabs) which lays the seed for its self isolation and perhaps destruction.