Israel and ISIS: Common Roots and Intentions

Prof. As’ad Abdul Rahman

To many observers, the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, (ISIS) is an exact version of Israel. They both demonstrate the same militant doctrine of oppression generated by a sick fanatic mentality. It can be seen in its worst toxic level in their military drive to establish their respective religious states under the banners of Judaism and Islam.

The  results of both takfiri (accusing others of apostasy) doctrines of Zionism and of  ISIS (which falsely claims to be Islamic) can be witnessed  by all in the forms of beastly crimes terminating the lives of  an incredible number of innocent civilians in their bid  to build such  states which absolutely have no connection, except in name only, to religion, The takfiri doctrine of ISIS is self made similar to that of Zionism which is totally based on the self serving, not God serving, Talmud, the most racist book ever written by a human hand. It is no wonder that The United Reform Jews of America had to reject the Talmud and never mentioned it in their religious service.

Indeed, both militant doctrines of ISIS and Israel are equal in their barbarian brutality that knows no mercy in devastating human lives in the name of God, the most high and the most merciful of all. These takfiri doctrines that militarily negate others, remind us of the plague of old times that utterly terminated many, many lives. The deadly virus in both doctrines only infect sick egotistical mentalities found in religious zealots who only have revenge in their hearts, thirsty to shed blood utilizing religion as a crutch to gain acceptance among the ignorant.

As for the thought and foundation, both Israel and ISIS have their two states on stolen lands without any recognized borders, national identities for their citizens or constitutions governing their states. Both were established by mercenary forces gathered from around the world to create political realities by a brute force and conquests shedding innocent blood in their killing fields. They are both bent in their carnage here and there on planting humongous fear to force people to flee their homes to protect their lives turning them into destitute refugees, as has happened in Palestine and now in Syria and Iraq.

Indeed, the religious states advocated by ISIS and Israel are two  theocracies claiming their authority from God not from people as a democracy necessitates. Both states claim they have a divine right to land and to rule their subjects which naturally make their mentally sick rulers infallible, demanding blind obedience without any opposition.

In the aftermath of the Israeli war on Gaza Strip, and with the new international coalition waging war against ISIS, a number of Israeli intellectuals were alert to the worldwide criticism and images of Israeli criminal inhumane actions. Professo Ilan Saban wrote that “Israel is approaching the level of the apartheid regimes witnessed in Serbia and South Africa in the past and the survival of democracy is not possible in Israel if it stays as an occupying state which runs its affairs according to ethnic and racist policies.” The very well known Israeli writer, Gideon Levy wrote in Haaretz that “The deteriorating situation that is steadily changing from bad to worse cannot be stopped because of lack of leadership willing and able to stop it.” He said  “The real cause for this deterioration is that the vast majority of Israelis do not see the Palestinians as equal human beings, beside their utter ignorance of the real meaning of democracy which they confine it to a majority outvoting a minority”.

“The (Gaza) war revealed the ugliness pervading Israel by the huge support rendered by the Israeli public for the military forces in their killing spree terminating Palestinian children, as seen in the Israeli social media celebrating the bombing of civilians in Gaza”, Levy wrote.  On the ISIS acts, he noted that Israel is worse because “the killers in ISIS closely witness the killing of their victims at close range which might cause some guilt in them that may lead to repentance, but Israel carries its carnage from far away and can only be seen from a window of a jet fighter or on small TV screen”. Levy, himself, was not spared when Yariv Levin, the head of the  religious right coalition called for his  ‘prosecution’ for being a ‘traitor’ in just criticizing the military in their carnage in Gaza.

Both  ‘the Jewish state’ of Zionism and  ISIS hold enormous capabilities to finance their killing machines and  pay their fighters who were gathered from all over the world to fight under their religious banners where one represents “the Jewish homeland” and the other ” the Islamic Caliphate” in Iraq and Syria!

ISIS is only repeating the same scenario played in the past by the Jewish Zionist gangs of Stern and Haganah in Palestine to establish their colonial state for Jews only gathered from around the world. Therefore, both takfiri militant doctrines represent a clear and very deadly danger to international peace and security and stopping them is an international task that cannot be delayed.