The Cost of Israeli Insolence and Deceit

It is amazing how the far right Israeli government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu is determined to lose what little is left of international support along with an increasing dismay of a minority of Israeli society disheartened by the course leading the Hebrew State into a sure disaster. The Israeli insolence stems from the egotistical notion of “the chosen people” which has become the very foundation of the arrogant psychological profile of the Israeli far-right. It was consequently, translated into colonial/apartheid practices in occupied Palestine extremely nauseous to many in the East and West in our world. The egotistical audacity of the Israeli authorities has convinced them that the Israeli ‘occupation’ of the American Congress is the same as the occupation of the West Bank where the Israeli will is supreme.

Israeli officials, under the illusion that Israel is a world power and it is beneficial for the interest of the international community to listen to Israel and avoid its anger,  have really become afflicted with political mental deficiency. This was apparent when these officials accused South Africa of practising apartheid shortly after the country decided that goods manufactured in Jewish colonies (settlements) in the Palestinian land occupied in 1967 should be labeled “illegal”, according to international law. Danny Ayalon, Israel’s deputy foreign minister said “It is very regrettable that South Africa is still an apartheid State and is trying to stick its apartheid reality falsely upon Israel”!!!

Only a few months ago Netanyahu commended himself in interviews with ‘Israel Today’ and ‘Maariv’ for the great achievements he said were attained over the last three years. Netanyahu declared himself “completely at ease” regarding the internal stability of his government and the Israeli “economic prosperity” that has been achieved despite the challenges and dire dangers-he said- were surrounding Israel. Failure to reach a political settlement with the Palestinians was because the Arabs still refuse to recognize the existence of Israel as he put it. “We cannot ignore the fact that the area from Jabal Tariq in Spain till the boundaries of Iran and India has become drowned by a very extreme Islamic wave!” he said.

But Netanyahu completely ignored all the difficulties facing Israel now. A public poll conducted by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz showed that 60% of the Israeli public declared their extreme discontent with the economic policies of Netanyahu which increased their taxes. Haaretz commented that “the poll reveals erosion in Israeli self-confidence among the public in view of Netanyahu’s economic policies which increased the rate of unemployment and taxes at the same time”. Yet, despite the expressions of discontent, Haaretz said “Netanyahu is expected to win the next elections because of the absence of a serious opposition party.”

The ramifications of such a raison d’être were eloquently expressed by Hans Sfoboda, head of the socialist coalition in the European Parliament, Mr. Hannes Swoboda who after a series of meetings with Israeli officials and opposition leaders said “I came to the conclusion that the present Israeli government has no intention to even start any serious steps leading to a real settlement because Netanyahu has failed to address the real political issues leading to a peaceful settlement and the real economic issues that could give relief to the Israeli public”.

Examples of losses caused by the present Israeli egotistical superiority complex were demonstrated in the latest poll in Norway which showed support for Israel decreasing greatly and support for Palestinian rights increasing three folds. The poll- conducted by the Norwegian Holocaust Center- found only 37% of the respondents support Israel in various levels with lukewarm to absolute support. Only 13% supported the current Israeli policies and the rest were completely opposed. Israeli insolence and utter deceit were again revealed in the way the Israeli Embassy in Ireland responded to comments by Palestinian activist Hanin Zu’bi who is also a member of the Israeli Knesset. Zu’bi exposed to the Irish Times the heinous policies of the colonial/ apartheid Israeli occupation in Palestine. The Embassy compared the legitimacy of ‘the Jewish state’ with the ‘Frenchness’ of the State of France stating that “the ‘Jewishness’ of the Jews gave legitimacy to the Israeli citizenship and to the Israeli nationality”.

Such an egotistical reply confirmed in the eyes of many the fact that the State of Israel is no longer a secular state, but a theocracy ruled by a rabbinate council which decides who is a Jew and has in fact blasphemed 85% of the Jews in America who consider themselves ‘Reform Jews’. The Israeli embassy’s insolence forced the Israeli Foreign Ministry to start looking for ‘an information guide’ who would not make such a mistake of utter stupidity stemming from blind and dumb arrogance. Furthermore, the Israeli insolence reached its highest mark when an Israeli court exonerated the killers of Rachel Corri (the American peace activist who was deliberately crushed by an Israeli bulldozer in Gaza Strip) of the murder. “It is a very sad result for the Corri family first” said Richard Falk, the United Nations ex-director for human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, and “a very sad occasion for the sovereignty of law by which the court failed to establish limits to the violence of the State, especially in the (Palestinian) occupied territories”.

Indeed, and on a daily basis, Israel keeps proving to the world, through its internal and external policies, its insolence and acts of deceit by violating- with impunity- the United Nations Charter and international law which has put Israel outside the level of legitimacy required to be upheld by all states that are members of the United Nations. Israel is the last occupying power in our world today and rapidly transforming into an apartheid entity as well.