Will the Israeli ‘Settlers State’ Subdue the Elected State?

The colonial Israeli settlements in Occupied Palestine are meant to make the establishment of a viable Palestinian State absolutely impossible. Israel calls for negotiations only for the sake of negotiations to stall, allowing time for the Israeli colonial expansion to continue. The creation of Palestinian security forces to maintain law and order in the occupied territories is required by Israel as an instrument to stop any Palestinian resistance against the colonies ‘settlements’. That is why the Palestinian Authority linked negotiations to a complete halt of all ‘settlement’ building activities. Yet, the Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu, is defying the whole world with impunity because “Washington has become an Israeli occupied territory”, according to Patrick Buchanan, the well known American syndicated columnist and politician. Thus, it became forbidden to seek full recognition of a Palestinian State in the UN. Such subjugation to Israel’s will by the U.S. is a catastrophe for all moderates whether they are Arabs, Israelis or Jews alike. All those pin their hopes on the U.S. to finally take a just stand for its own sake first and for the sake of all Israelis and Palestinians, let alone achievement of international security. Indeed, the colonial Israeli rule is creating “the colonial state of settlers” which is being supported financially, militarily and by religious edicts from the Rabbis of Yeshivas (religious schools) of the extreme right headed by the Yeshiva of Od Yousef Chai which teaches its students that non-Jews should be driven out of ‘Eretz Israel’, or the Land of Israel, in order “to preserve Jewish purity in a Jewish state”, as reported by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. “The colonial state of settlers” has its own separate institutions that are actually subduing the official institutions of the elected civil state which the ‘settlers’/ colonizers are aiming to transform into a Jewish theocracy. Dr. Hillel Weiss, the founder of the Neo-Zionist Movement and the head of the faculty of Jewish studies in Bar-Ilan University in Israel sums up the agenda of his new Zionist movement as “the necessity of rebuilding the temple and the reign of the Jewish rule over Greater Israel”. A founding congress of the so-called ‘Jewish Authority’ designed to replace the civil elected authority of the State was held recently in Israel. The gathering received many messages of support from several right-wing and far-right European parties and organizations. Lately, it has become public that the Israeli colonial settlers and the far-right Yeshivas have unleashed gangs to terrorize Palestinian civilians by destroying and vandalizing their cultivated land and property or by killing them in every possible way. The arson attack on the fifth mosque (in the 1948 Arab territories this time) was part of their strategy to convince the Palestinians who hold Israeli citizenship along with Palestinians of the Occupied West Bank that they all have no future in ‘the Jewish State’. They call themselves ‘the price-taggers’ who are determined to exact a price on all Palestinians to make them leave ‘Eretz Israel’. Recently, Tsivi Bareil wrote in Haaretz that “the Yeshiva students are now forming gangs, or ‘price –taggers’ who are really terrorists that can never be stopped by the Israeli government.” Shabak, the Israeli internal security, has acknowledged its inability to eradicate Jewish terrorism.

Historical facts reveal the reason behind the insistence of the far-right-wing Ashkenazi Rabbis and their Yeshivas to turn the Hebrew civil state into a ‘Jewish State’, a theocracy ruled by Rabbis enforcing the Talmud,  “the holiest Book in Judaism whose authority takes precedence over the Torah”, according to the Jewish scholar, Dr. Michael A. Hoffman. In 2000, his book entitled ‘Judaism’s Strange Gods’, quoted the Talmud (Erubin 21b, soncino edition) addressing Yeshivas’ students: “May my sons, be more careful in the observance of the words of scribes (the Talmud) than in the words of the Torah”. This is the cause that lies behind the emergence of ‘reform Judaism’ in America seeking to separate itself from the racist Talmudists who are now in control in Israel calling for the establishment of a ‘Jewish state’. The Talmudists wish to eradicate the word Hebrew from existence because the Ashkenazi Talmudists are neither Semites nor Hebrews, thus not ‘the Sons of Abraham’, or ‘God’s People’. They have been trying to hide their real identity and history for centuries.

Dr. Hoffman, a reformist Jew, was not the first to expose the Talmudists. Dr. Benjamin H. Freedman’s published ‘Facts are Facts’ in the 1950s, a book that exposed the Ashkenazi Jews as the Khazars, the Turco Finns tribes who converted to Judaism upon order of their King Bulan. These facts are supported by the Jewish Encyclopedia. Dr. Freedman’s book mentions that “the King of the Khazar, Bulan, used in the 7th century, the Talmud not the Torah to control his people” and “he established a theocracy run by Rabbis”. Judaism was recognized and honored by both, Islam a growing power in the East and Christianity an established super-power in the West, but Judaism negates and blasphemes both. Being wedged between these two powers, Bulan chose Judaism. Thus, the Khazars of the past and the Khazars, the ‘Talmudists’ of our present time who have nothing to do with the Holy Torah are trying to repeat the same history in Palestine.