The ‘American Spring’ and a Few Others

Prof. As’ad Abdul Rahman

Apart from some positive moves towards democracy and social justice, the so-called Arab Spring has turned into a nightmare. Neglect and abuse by corrupt political systems in the past left people no choice but to revolt seeking change by any means possible. Criminal elements and opportunists cloaked with self-serving religiosity that is anti-Islamic, gained control to benefit from popular movements seeking relief from corrupt regimes. It is now well known that the satanic ‘takfiri’ hordes of Al-Qaeda that spawned ISIS/Daesh, came into existence when western powers created ’jihadists’ to fight the Soviet Union in the name of Islam in Afghanistan.

The toxic waste created by the West is now knocking on its doors and in effect lighting the flame of an ‘American Spring’. Americans are somewhat out of their wits in fear of Daesh after the recent deadly slaughtering in the USA and Europe.

The raging cyclone that hit the American presidential elections is changing the political map in the USA and has practically nullified the political authority of the Republican Party, creating uncertainty in the country and across the world. Many of the Republican voters are angry with the leadership of their party after losing their jobs that moved to Mexico and China. They assume that both houses of Congress have been bought and paid for by special interests in the form of lobbies in Washington that have been increasingly nullifying the will of the American people for years without end. It only took a demagogue, “a wheeler dealer” who is well versed in making deals to enrich himself by commercializing his name (Donald Trump), to tap, use and abuse the extreme anger and frustrations of the voters in the Republican Party.

For the first time, the lobbies in Washington have been nullified in presidential elections including the biggest one of all, the Zionist/Likud lobby. The ‘American Spring’ had also some effect on the Democratic Party seen in the movement supporting Senator Bernie Sanders. There is great concern now of the possibility of Sanders’ supporters, who in order to wreck the established political system in Washington, would move to support the wrecker of all, Donald Trump, next November!

The changing political map in the USA has also prompted a significant change as Arab Gulf countries moved to achieve self-reliance to attain an economy that is not totally oil-dependent with Saudi Arabic announcing a major plan towards this purpose. Within this context, Arab Gulf countries established with Egypt an Arab axis based on a civil not religious identity away from a theocracy system of government, which is non-Islamic, as established in Iran.

Such developments reinforced a conviction among many Arabs that their unity backed by bold economic plans,  high education and well- paying jobs provided to Arab youth graduating from universities with skills demanded by markets are the right way to change the Arab World for good and defeat Al-Qaeda and Daesh.

The American Spring has been energized by the Trump’s campaign of bigotry against Mexicans and Muslims, in particular, in view of the recent terrorist actions in Europe and the “the deadliest mass shooting in American history” that took place in Florida by “an inspired ISIS supporter”. By equating all Muslims with ISIS, the Trump’s campaign has in effect joined hands with the blasphemous mentality of the colonial religious right now ruling Israel. ‘The Israeli Spring’, the steady transformation of the Zionist state into its worst has been taking place since the Likud Party came to power, turning the secular state of the early Zionists into a self-destructive religious entity negating the non-Jewish native Palestinian population.

The rising tide of fascism in Israel has prompted the Israeli military to speak up as reported by the news media saying “top defense force officer Yair Golan compares modern Israel to the 1930s Nazi Germany in a bombshell speech whilst addressing a Holocaust Memorial Day in front of Israeli politicians”. Another reaction came from Knesset members including   the Likud deputies trying to prepare Israel to deal effectively with the changes taking place in Western Europe and U.S.A. They are planning to introduce a bill to limit the premiership to two terms only to end the rule of Prime Minister Netanyahu with the text stating: “It is important in a democratic system to see changes in leadership in order to prevent degeneration and detachment in government. Democracy is not a monarchy and it is necessary to avoid a government headed by the same for years on end”. This bill received a boost after Avigdor Lieberman took over the ministry of defense from General Yalon.

Such extremist political trends ignore a historical fact that bloody revolutions can never, in most cases, bring about reforms and always end up in self-destruction. Many today, witnessing DAESH ruling areas in Libya, yearn to the days of Gaddafi. Evolution in time prepares people for constructive change that must come slowly into their lives to avert possible destruction around that might be triggered by sudden, rash and irresponsible acts, sometimes by extremist minds.