Israeli Democracy: Indefinite Incarceration without Charge

Prof. As’ad Abdul Rahman

The Zionist state has taken the Holy Torah as a constitution for its “Jewish state”, thus claiming ‘high morality’ to gain more support in the Western world. Israel’s second claim is that it has the only true democracy in the Middle East and is “an extension to western values” in a region that lacks the rule of law.

The claim that the Holy Torah, a part of the Christian Bible, stands as its law is contradicted by the actual resort to the Talmud which has been written by Jewish Rabbis. Adherence to the Talmud rulings and edicts that are inconsistent with the Torah has prompted American Reform Jews to discard it as a racist text from their religious services. Such a description strips Israel of any claim of morality.

Israeli democracy is being contested by all Israeli human rights organizations especially with regard to the “indefinite incarceration of Palestinians without charging them with any crime”.  A true democracy can never be a colonial occupying power imposing its military rule by force. A true democracy would not strip the occupied population of their political and civil rights while stealing their lands in the name of a self-concocted religiosity that has no connection -except in name- to the original spiritual/anti-material message that came to Prophet Moses. Israel has been imposing the immoral laws of the Talmud along with the colonial law of administrative detention to rob the Palestinians, not only of their land and rights, but also of their national identity.

Administrative detention was introduced by the British and French colonial powers just before World War II to eradicate any political opposition to their brutal rule in their colonies.  Under international law, such a detention “requires a fair hearing at which the detainee can fully challenge the reason for his or her detention.” It further stipulates that “administrative detention may be exercised only in rare instances in very exceptional cases as a last resort in times of national emergencies or to stem the overflow of illegal immigration”.

Israeli law allows any military commander in the West Bank to issue order no. 1651 which “empowers the Israeli military to detain an individual for up to six months without posting criminal charges which can be renewed indefinitely”. In other words the Israeli military ruling the occupied Palestinian territories can fill its jails with political prisoners without a definite date of release, thus eradicating any Palestinian political opposition to the expansions of its colonial settlements on stolen Palestinian lands.

 An amendment made to the Israeli administrative detention law negated the requirement demanded by international law to present a reason for the detention that can fully be challenged by the detainee. The reason has become a state secret that cannot be revealed to anyone, especially to the detainee or to his/her lawyer. Israeli human rights organizations revealed this ploy, since “administrative detention orders are often based upon baseless contentions that the suspect is likely to pose a threat in the future, even when the detainee is only a twelve year old girl!”

Why would the Zionist Talmudist state has such audacity to violate The Universal Declaration of Human Rights honored by all nations which states: “All human beings are born equal in dignity and rights”? The simple answer again lies in the Talmud which dominates the acts of the ruling religious right in Israel by advocating that “the Jews are the chosen people of God who should be served by all nations”. Therefore, the Talmud confines dignity and rights to Jews only and has in effect made ’Jewish democracy’ an exclusive right for them which fully explains the immoral practices of the colonial military occupation in Palestine.

“Since 1967, Israeli forces have arrested more than 800,000 Palestinians, almost 20% of the total population with the majority of the detainees being males, constituting 40% of the male population who have been arrested and incarcerated one time or more”, according to B’Tselem, the Israeli human rights organization. The April report of the international Human Rights Watch (HRW) has indicated that “each year, Israel detains and prosecutes in the military court system 500 to 700 Palestinian children’. It added that “Israeli security forces are using unnecessary force in arresting and detaining children…..,routinely interrogated without a parent present violating international and Israeli domestic laws”.

When pogroms were committed against Jews in old history, mobs used to fabricate lies to rob them of their wealth by accusing them of torturing Christian children and using their blood in their rituals. Could this be related in any way to the current torture and incarceration of Palestinian children designed to rob the lands of their families in the name of a religiosity that has clearly departed from Judaism?

When  Palestinian children are being incarcerated, abused and traumatized–according to HRW- as well as witness the utter humiliation of their parents by Israeli soldiers on a daily basis, one wonders what kind of an impression Israel is leaving in their hearts and minds. It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to predict that Israel is planting feelings of extreme hate and horrendous revenge in the DNA of Palestinian youth who would emulate in time the Jewish gangs of the so-called price taggers produced by the Talmudic religious schools. The use of knives is the very first step and what’s coming would make members of ISIS/Daesh look like angels!