The Israeli Reservoir of Hate and Bigotry Is Rising: How?

Prof. As’ad Abdul Rahman

It is when egotistic politicians get besieged by their failed policies, they resort to bigotry that generates hate and brutality – the tools of demagoguery – to shift the focus of their public. The present Israeli right-wing government led by the Likud Party is doing just that to shift the blame upon the Palestinians, the very victims in this case. The Likud coalition is, in fact, demonstrating to all that the fundamental apartheid principles of Zionism are more important and enduring than the basic principles of democracy which are crucial and indispensable to the very survival of any political state in our world.

The colonial occupation of Palestine is increasingly drawing worldwide boycotts and condemnation, especially from quarters long considered loyal friends of Israel in the recent past. The clear truth that the very cause of the decline of Israel internally and externally is its racist policies that are expanding the theft of Palestinian lands through building mushrooming colonies/ “settlements” to eventually kill the two-state solution. The Zionist entity that is ruled by the bigots of the ultra-religious and ultra-nationalist right has resorted to have its racist policies codified by laws passed by their Knesset (Parliament) to enforce them upon the Palestinians, especially those in the 1948 Palestine who hold Israeli citizenship and who are now considered by the colonial settlers as “a fifth column” and a “knife in the gut” of the Zionist state!!!

The current trend in the Likud politics is to focus attention coupled with hate upon the active Palestinian Islamic movement declaring it an illegal entity. Fearing Muslims generates Israeli hatred against them which ushers to official Israeli brutality to keep the Palestinians under military occupation without an end in sight. The Prime Minister of Israel is blaming the Northern Branch of the Islamic  Movement for “encouraging terrorism against Jews” while his government is daily stealing Palestinian lands in the name of the Torah as a “divine entitlement from God to the Jews, only!!!” Such a religious fabrication is exactly being matched by the claim and toxic waste of Daesh/ ISIS.

The Jewish religious right has picked the call for prayer from the mosques as a factor “disturbing the peace of Israeli Jews” that must be halted. Next expected step would be stopping the bells of Christian Churches from ringing!  Furthermore, the government has been targeting Palestinian schools and social networks as “centers advocating violence against Jews” while funding religious Ashkenazi Jewish schools that are producing thugs ‘the price taggers’ as graduates who vandalize mosques, churches and burn alive Palestinian families with absolute immunity in the ’democratic’ state of Israel! The Likud government is now drafting laws “to ensure absolute loyalty to the Jewish state”. These laws require every Israeli citizen “to take an oath of loyalty to defend and support the Jewish state against all its domestic or foreign enemies”, otherwise, the Israeli citizenship would be revoked to those who fail to take this oath!!! To a Palestinian Arab holding Israeli citizenship, pledging loyalty to the Jewish state would in effect be stripping him of his Muslim faith that does not believe in a “Jewish state”, and it would strip him of his national Arab Palestinian identity, as well.

Upon outlawing the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement, the Israeli human rights movement declared the action as illegal, “taken under laws that are exclusively applicable during a declared national state of emergency, which is not the case now”. “Such illegal action” the movement announced  “geared to stifle free speech protected by law in a democracy, is null and void and outlawing Islamic political activities while funding and encouraging Jewish political activities undermines the democratic foundation of the state of Israel.”

It is within this context that Israeli pundits have spoken of “the inability of Netanyahu to rid himself of his shameful tendency to spread fear and hatred against the Arab minority to cover up his failed policies and to gain more and more control over the Israeli public. Using tragedies to gain political advantage by blaming the whole Palestinian population instead of the individual culprits is degrading the way to govern the nation that claims high moral values”. The very brave Israeli political activist, Gedeon Levy, addressing the Jewish public wrote saying “just imagine yourself a Palestinian walking the streets of Tel Aviv. Fear and hopeless feelings are your constant companions. In Jerusalem you may be shot on sight and you may be driven out of your home at the whim of any Jewish settler”. He went on to say “you live on borrowed time and expect no help when in need from any Israeli authority. You will never find justice in any Israeli court and the Knesset will racially target you in its enacted bills and the news media will always scorn you without end.”

Israel has been transformed into a racist/apartheid state which depends upon the USA veto at the United Nations to protect her from being censored and isolated. Nevertheless, Israel is facing now a united Europe that ardently supports the two-state solution which Likud is about to bury. The destructive policies of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are taking the Middle East on the path of an abyss. We can only call upon the awakening world leaders with authority to rise up and take a firm stand now before a humongous catastrophe in the making hits us all.