The Lone Avengers vs. the Bnei David Soldiers

Prof. As’ad Abdul Rahman

Everything in this life has a beginning and an end, and practically, all ’ think tanks’ in Washington are now focused on predicting possible scenarios that may bring about the end of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, but  none of them sees a peaceful one. The question is why?

The Palestinian-Zionist conflict has been transformed into a religious fundamentalist conflict by the extreme religious right that rules Israel now which in effect represents the belief of the majority of Israeli Jews who cast their votes in the recent elections. Self-righteous and self-serving, not God-serving, the Talmudist religious mentality, that is essentially racist and colonial in nature, never opts for a peaceful compromise, whatsoever. Such behavior repeats the trend of all religious zealots throughout human history whose self-destructiveness eliminated their power and perhaps their existence in the end.

The Zionist founders of Israel were not religious, but were truly agnostic (neither believing nor disbelieving in God). Many of them were anti-religious indeed, and much closer to communism of Karl Marx who was a Jew. That is why Joseph Stalin was the first to recognize the state of Israel before the United States. All religious Jews, at one time, were anti-Zionists because they believed that the establishment of the state of Israel by Zionism is a blasphemy, to say the least. According to the Talmud-a book written by Rabbis to explain the Torah-, the establishment of Israel is the divine task of “the Jewish Messiah” not the task of mortal beings. The agnostic Zionists played on the biblical prophecy that declared “the return of the Jews to Palestine would usher in “the first coming of the Jewish Messiah” which pleases Jews or “the second coming Of Christ the Messiah which greatly pleases the Christians”, at the same time.

The Nazi holocaust brought an end to the conflict between Jewish fundamentalists and the agnostic Zionists and enhanced a greater support among Christian fundamentalists for the establishment of the state of Israel in Palestine for the sake of “the Second Coming” who would only appear “after the utter destruction of Israel and the annihilation of all Jews in Palestine”.  Indeed, the Zionists went ahead in their diligent task “to save Jewish lives” by establishing a safe haven for Jews in Palestine playing on “Christian guilt”, and “German guilt”, in particular, to fulfill the task. West Germany provided the newly created Zionist state in Palestine with more than $60 billion during the fifties, the sixties and the seventies of the last century in addition to the billions of dollars received from the U.S.A. That is how the agnostic Zionists turned the Torah into a real estate book with “divine rights” to steal Arab Palestinian lands in the name of God, the Most High. The agnostic Zionists’ haven, now controlled by the Talmudists with this racist book, have become the very source that rules Jewish orthodoxy morally and politically in Israel and around the world.

The Christian Science Monitor, one of the most respected newspapers in the U.S.A and across our world, published On April 17, 2015 an article about the great increase of religious Jews in Israel’s military. It focused on ’the Bnei David Academy’ that was established in 1988 for the sole purpose of increasing the number of religious men in Israel’s military officer corps and combat units. The article said that “Bnei David stands out as a West Point for religious Zionists, combining rigorous Talmud study, as well as physical training.” The Talmud teaches that “all non Jews are beasts in human forms to serve the Jews.” That is why the American Reform Jews dumped the Talmud in the garbage for good. The aforementioned article was a wakeup call for all in the Western world who support the two-state solution;”For 18-year-old recruits the preparation is intense. Bnei David subscribes to the ideology of Rabbi Kook and his venerated father: defending Israel’s sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, the biblical lands known as the (Palestinian) West Bank, and opposing any territorial compromises for peace and to consider their mission as a combat mission that came from God.” So, the majority of Israeli officers are now die-hard Talmudists who would only support the complete Judaization of historical Palestine.

One of three predictions of the American ‘think tanks’ regarding the Palestinian response under such conditions was that the Palestinian Authority (which really has no authority)  has a single weapon in its hands which is the decision to dismiss itself, turning Israel into a bi-national state with Palestinians becoming soon a majority. A second prediction saw the Palestinian organizations advocating military actions would only “repeat the Gaza’s slaughter in the thousands that always end with a cease fire, but without giving anything to Palestinians except death.” Another calculation came with a new name for Palestinians who would be confronting ’The Bnei David (the sons of David) combat units, which was the ‘lone Palestinian avengers’ in relation to Al-Qaeda’s ’lone wolves’.  ‘Lone avengers’ would in time adopt Al-Qaeda’s favorite weapon which appears on the internet and is briefly called the ‘dirty bomb’, predicted to be engulfing Tel Aviv in this catastrophe that would make it unfit for human habitation for more than 150 years.