Al-Naqab, a New Palestinian Catastrophe

Prof. As’ad Abdul Rahman

The Palestinian Arabs of al-Naqab (in southern Israel) form an extension of the Arabs of Sinai who used to be known in ancient times as the Medianites who are related to Abraham (according to Jewish Encyclopedia) and who have been living in their ancestral land for thousands of years. Prophet Moses married the daughter of the High Priest of these Arabs who are now being uprooted from their ancestral homes to make room for new Jewish colonizers/’settlers’ in order to attain a ‘Jewish purity in the land of Israel’. Speaking of this ethnic ‘Jewish purity’, it has to be ‘Semitic and related to Abraham’, which is not the case with the Khazars who became Ashkenazi Jews after quitting the worship of the Phallic symbol in the eighth century. Now the brothers in the Law of Moses, i.e. the Arabs of Naqab are being declared impure by the children of the Khazars because they ‘pollute’ the purity of the ‘Jewish State’!!

After the 19th parliamentary elections (January, 2013) in which the Likud and Israel Beituna parties failed to exclusively form a government, Prime Minister Netanyahu had to act in fear of the new coalition might hinder his ethnic cleansing plan pertaining to the Palestinian Arabs of al-Naqab. He pushed the outgoing government to introduce the Prawer Plan to the Knesset for a second reading. This ethnic cleansing plan includes the annexation of 800 thousand hectares in the area of the Naqab where 45 Palestinian villages are located, housing more than 100 thousand Arabs. The settlements’ plan, prepared by Benny Begin, minister without portfolio, calls upon the Israeli government to transfer all the Palestinian Arabs from their ancestral land. The 45 Palestinian Arab villages that have to be demolished will be replaced by 11 residential centers for Jews with the latest infrastructure that money can buy. Only seven villages in less than 100 thousand hectares have been assigned for the uprooted Palestinians and 800 thousand hectares of their land are being offered for free to the ‘chosen people of God’, the Khazars of Europe, who historically never were in the holy land of Palestine in biblical times.

Talab al-Sane’i, a former Arab Knesset member said the plan that has been introduced for a second reading to obtain final approval is indeed the “beginning of a new Palestinian catastrophe affecting the Arabs of al-Naqab”. He considered the plan as it pertains to the ‘Green Line’, a scheme designated to dispossess the Palestinians of 48 whose land was occupied 65 years ago, as a continuation of the ethnic cleansing taking place in al-Naqab. The catastrophe that befell the Palestinians in 1948 is repeating itself in the Naqab in 2013. The Palestinians are again being forcefully displaced from their area of land which covers the western and southern parts of al-Naqab. The Israeli plan, once fully enacted, will extend ‘legality’ to the government to uproot the Palestinians by force and replace them with Jewish colonizers in a blatant ethnic  cleansing operation violating the United Nations Charter and human rights conventions endorsed by all nations including Israel. Indeed, the Prawer Plan is designated to create new demographical facts on the geography of historical Palestine aimed to create a Jewish majority in preparation to completely Judaize all of Palestine from the ‘River of Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea’ a colonial scheme that stands in the heart of the Zionist agenda. Colonial settlements and annexations of Palestinian lands have always been justified by the Israeli occupation as ‘security measures’ to ‘safeguard’ the national security of Israel. Israeli security agencies consider the Palestinian Arabs of al-Naqab as the natural extension of the Arabs of Sinai who could be linked with the Arab Palestinians of Gaza. Building a concentration camp to house the Arabs in seven villages surrounded by 250 thousand Jewish colonizers in addition to bases filled with military and security personnel is the Israeli colonial solution in this case. It is to be remembered that ethnic cleansing, a racist system, and colonial settlements on stolen Palestinian territories of 48 and 67 are ‘legal’ in Israeli policies which led to an apartheid state by virtue of its own discriminatory actions enacted by its own parliament. A recent article by Israeli professor Yirmiyahu Bronwier published by Maariv, said “it is expected to establish residential settlements to house 250 thousand Jews in the Naqab when Sharon had a plan for one million”. An editorial in Haaretz published in May, 2013, described developments in the Naqab as a ” very stubborn conflict being managed by various Israeli governments in which part of the history of this area is being rendered to oblivion to free them from responsibility of ethnic cleansing which created the case of Palestinian refugees.”

The new Palestinian catastrophe taking place in the Naqab has to be confronted. World silence in the face of this heinous colonial transfer will encourage a forced ethnic cleansing in Palestine of 48 and in the occupied West Bank of 1967. It is the Palestinians of al-Naqab who are being targeted today, and the rest of Palestinians in historical Palestine (as well as all people of conscience) should stand on guard and be fully aware of possible similar Israeli schemes seeking to fulfill the Zionist agenda of making historical Palestine free of and pure from non-Jewish presence!!