The “Tsunami” of BDS

The Palestinian grassroots movement, BDS, calls for Boycott, Divestment and Sanction of goods produced by Israeli colonial settlement and of all Israeli academic institutions which have not dissociated themselves from Israel’s apartheid policy and discrimination against the Palestinians (whether those who have Israeli citizenship or the Palestinians under the colonial Israeli occupation in the West Bank of River Jordan). This movement is creating a kind of “Tsunami” that is drowning the status of legality of the Zionist entity (Israel) among the legitimate status of nations in our world.

“Swedish universities must not participate in research or any other type of cooperation with Israeli academic institutions. The Swedish Government should act for the cessation of EU’s research support to Israel, which will inevitably strengthen the continued occupation of Palestine”, was the call recently signed by 218 Swedish Academicians. So far no Israeli academic institution has dissociated itself from Israeli apartheid/ colonial policy which makes all Israeli academic institutions to be boycotted. The initiative to the call was taken by the action group for boycott of Israel at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm which has close collaboration with the Israeli military in developing new type of drones and pilotless airplanes. This Swedish Institute is collaborating with Elbit, Israel’s biggest weapons producer.

The Tsunami of the BDS for Academic Boycott is gathering momentum. The biggest student union in Europe, the united Union of London’s 20 universities and colleges, compromising 120,000 students, has decided to support the Boycott. In Norway, 100 prominent academicians have signed an appeal to the same end. The Staff Association of McGill University in Montreal, the Student Unions in Uppsala and of Berkeley, California have also signed similar appeals. The University of Johannesburg actually has completely broken its cooperation with Ben Gurion University in Israel. It is worth noting that the reasons which are building the Tsunami of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions that is drowning the legitimacy of the Zionist state are the following:

  1. The Israeli colonial occupation of the Palestinian territories denies basic human rights to Palestinians.
  2. Israel refuses to comply with UN resolutions, including the ones stating that Palestinian refugees have the Right of Return according to U.N. resolution (194).
  3. For subjecting the Palestinian population to the daily harassment forcing them out of more and more areas, as happened in Apartheid South Africa.
  4. For the deep complicity of Israeli academic institutions in Israel’s occupation of Palestine.
  5. For confiscating more and more Palestinian land to expand and build new illegal colonial settlements against International Law.
  6. For jailing for years many Palestinians (including under age children) without charging them and without any trial.
  7. For literally stealing under ground Palestinian water to quench the thirst of Israelis leaving the Palestinian thirsty and without water.

The Academic Boycott is aimed at isolating Israel as Rogue State i.e. outside international Law and human decency. This initiative is creating upheaval among conscientious Jews around the world including Israel besides all people with conscience who see now the Zionist State as a serious threat to world peace and International Security. The criminal behavior of the extreme political right that is ruling Israel (who is uprooting Palestinians along with olive trees in Palestinian farm and burning Islamic houses of worship) is enticing extreme hatred and revenge against Israel throughout the Islamic world which is creating an extreme religiosity among one and half billion Muslims. Evil generates Evil and our world has become “a global village” whose safety is at stake.  That is why this “village” is positively responding to the call of BDS to Boycott the Israeli State in a civil and peaceful way to wreck its apartheid/ colonial rule in the occupied Palestinian territories, in contrast with Israeli use of lethal weapons against Palestinian civilians.

The Tsunami of BDS is a Tsunami of conscience that is awakening the people of the world to see the ugly face of the colonial Israeli rule of occupied Palestine. This Tsunami of conscience was initiated by a Palestinian (Omar Barghouti) the Founder of BDS, backed by numerous conscientious volunteers who are now, slowly but surely, peacefully hitting at the very foundation of the colonial Israeli occupation which is built on apartheid and discrimination against the original natives of the Holy Land, the Palestinian people. BDS campaigns call for the implementation of the universal principles of human rights and equality under the law, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, color or creed. These are rights endowed by the Creator, the Most High, to all people without any discrimination, but denied to the Palestinians by the un-Godly colonial Israeli rule of occupied Palestine. Indeed, BDS is the conscientious way that will end the colonial occupation of Palestine with the help of people of conscious, including many Jews and Israelis as exactly happened to the apartheid regime of South Africa. Israel is the very last colonial state in our world who is still occupying another people’s land by brute force and was condemned by various UN resolutions. Every person of conscience shoulder’s the responsibility to put an end to this Israeli colonial monstrosity which is threatening world peace. If the peaceful way of civil resistance employed by BDS fails to end this colonial occupation, then, extreme militancy would gain the upper hand and the whole world would become involved in this conflict which will only bring utter destruction with it. It is time for the world to act for its own sake.