?Is The Far Right Wrecking the Jewish Future

Prof. As’ad Abdul Rahman

Pundits, traditionally at the end of each year, come up with predictions pertaining to the political future in the life of nations. So, what are the predictions of Israeli pundits? The government’s far right extremist and racist policies along with rising terrorism by Jewish settlers encroaching on Palestinian lands, apparently undeterred, are drawing criticism by Israeli journalists and writers alarmed by their threat and seeing gloomy prospects for the Zionist State.

Bradley Burston, senior editor of Haaretz English-language website has not wavered in revealing realities in Israel’s politics in his blog entitled “A Special Place in Hell”. “I am sick to death of Zionism and of its horseshit of the incitement which prides itself on hatred, yes that ‘ beautiful face’ of fascism”, he wrote, adding that “it is up to every one of us. We can stand up now and confront it, or be put down later, like dogs.”  In another article he spoke about “a new Judaism emerging among conscious Jews” noting that “the Jews in the University of Berkley voted to cut off support for Israel” during the Palestinian campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel in California. When the Israeli Knesset passed the racist law called “The Boycott Law” targeting the Palestinians of 48, Burston’s article came up with the title of “The Quiet Sound of Going Fascist.”

Carlo Strenger wrote in Haaretz that “the religious far-right advocates hatred of pluralism and open society by leading a drive to have an obedient society without dissent.”  Avirama Golan wrote in the same newspaper that “the toxic roots of Jewish terror are the religious Zionists who fan the flames of terrorism in the name of Judaism and a Jewish state.” It is exactly the very twin image describing the toxic waste called ISIS/Daesh whose beastly carnage is being carried out in the name of Islam and the Islamic state. Haaretz ran editorials drawing such similarities between ISIS and the settlers’ terror saying in that “they (the militant Jewish settlers) have more in common with ISIS than they realize. Both groups (the settlers and ISIS) should be confronted and destroyed.” Another editorial said “the criminal acts of the Jewish extreme right are much greater danger to Israel and to all Jews than Arab terror.”

Vital information disclosed in a Haaretz editorial last year indicated “Palestinians to equal number of Jews by 2017 and in 2020, Palestinians will be 7.13 million compared to 6.96 million Jews.” In other words: Kiss the Jewish state goodbye!

The well-known media site “Al Monitor” closely followed by Israelis published a condemnation of the Jewish colonial settlers in the occupied West Bank saying that “over the past decade, feral (beastly) extremism has evolved within the settlements. Jewish terrorism is much as a consequence of the overall mood in the settlements.” This beastly extremism produced a video that went viral on the internet shocking many Jews around the world. Billed as the “hate wedding”, the video showed guests in a Jewish settlement in sheer frenzy of madness dance with guns and knives to stab a photo of the murdered baby of the Palestinian Dawabsha family who were burned alive in their beds in late 2015. AL Monitor report said it should serve a wakeup call to all Jews to confront these beastly and dangerous trends.” It concluded by saying: “Meet the Judeo-ISIS which is the inevitable result of Israel’s presence (OCCUPATION) in the West Bank”.

Haaretz ran an editorial entitled “The Jewish Equivalent of ISIS Running Amok in Israel “, which said “they (the militant Jewish settlers) have more in common with ISIS than they realize. Both groups (the settlers and ISIS) should be confronted and destroyed.” Another editorial considered the criminal acts of the Jewish extreme right “much greater danger to Israel and to all Jews than Arab terror.” Israeli pundit Gideon Levy went further saying Jewish settlers are targeting Israel itself; “First they built the settlements, then, they killed the two-state solution, now they are free to strike at their next targets, Israel itself and world Jewry.”

After voting in Berkley to support the Palestinian BDS drive to boycott Israel, Burston produced a lawsuit that “targets the U.S. government over permitting donations to West Bank settlements accusing the American donor charities  (all Jewish) of violating U.S. law, money laundering and defrauding the U.S. Tax Authorities.” The lawsuit asked the court to order the law enforcement authorities “to investigate the criminal activities of tax-exempt entities that have been funding or engaging in fraud for the last 20 years.”

The U.S. Treasury and the American tax payers have lost millions upon millions of dollars in this fraudulent enterprise to enrich Jewish American millionaires who make tax-exempted donations to build colonial settlements on stolen Palestinian lands.

The United States of America has dubbed herself as “the honest broker” to help the sides in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict to reach a peaceful political settlement in the form of a two-state solution, but instead, the Palestinians got colonial settlements, with more than 600,000 religious settlers allowed a brutal military power. And some ask: “Why the Palestinians, the Arabs and Muslims in general have all lost faith in America when all the Jews of conscience have already lost it too in fear for the survival of Israel and the safety of world Jewry, as seen above by Israeli pundits?