Defeating Extremist Groups

Prof. As’ad Abdul Rahman

Military force by itself will never eradicate the ‘takfiri’ movements (those who accuse others of apostasy) that have been causing destruction in their paths and killing those who differ with their self-concocted religious tenet which has nothing to do with Islam, except in name. The Islamic group (Da’esh) which is the toxic waste of Al- Qaeda,  claims it is  following Islam in its beastly slaughtering without mercy in the name of the Most Merciful, thus ’making’ God the Most High  a ‘partner’ in their criminality which is ’Shirk’ or polytheism, a sin that is outside Divine forgiveness. Stripping Al-Qaeda and Da’esh of such claims through the power of the Qur’an, will render their ideology null and void.

A historic document issued by Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, the most prestigious Islamic institution, has endorsed the establishment of the civil political state and not the so-called Islamic state, thus rendering ’political Islam‘, moderate or extreme, as anti-Qur’an. Al-Azhar based its position on the Qur’anic science which Prophet Mohammed had followed by establishing the Arab political civil state, deriving his political authority from the Arab civil society, Al-Umma (the people) through a kind of free election or Al-Bay’a. He never claimed a judging religious authority bringing Muslims or non-Muslims to account whether they are faithful or blasphemers. He left such judgment, as the Qur’an clearly states, to God who will judge all on the Day of Judgment.

Religious fundamentalism has appointed itself to a religious judgmental position, thus, making its fanatic leaders partners with God, the only judge on His day of judgment. Priesthood in Islam is forbidden in order to deny any Muslim a religious authority by which he could blaspheme other believers, Muslims or non-Muslims. The Qur’an gives every human being the free choice “to believe or not to believe”, because “there is no compulsion in religion”, according to one of its holy verses. Militant religious fundamentalism is a self-serving not God-serving plague that must end regardless of any religious name it claims.

Politicizing Islam totally contradicts with the Qur’an edicts, simply because it foresees creating an Islamic state with leaders holding two political and religious responsibilities, thus using the law enforcement power of the political state to impose their self-created religious fundamentalism, as we are currently witnessing. In such a case, two acts of ’Shirk’ are being committed, according to the holy Qur’an; Imposing Islam by the power of the state and judging the faith of people when God is the only Judge, who forbids “compulsion in religion”. Al-Azhar Al-Sharif’s document endorsing only a civil political state based on the holy Qur’an should be endorsed by all Moslem scholars to bring an end to the rabid madness of militant fundamentalism generated by the so-called political Islam. One important note in this context is that the USA has followed the Qur’an example by separating the religious authority of the church from the political authority of the state as Islam did by keeping the mosque free of any priesthood with any religious authority. This is the way and the only way to strip Al-Qaeda and its toxic waste of their false religious garb, eliminating any religious credibility they claim.

The loudest noise supported by atrocities is being made by the retarded takfiri doctrine advocates. Learning institutions, especially Al Azhar University that is still teaching old curriculum unrelated to Qur’anic Science that can be found in scientific papers written by Islamic scientists of the past like Iben Sinan Al Qanawi and Shabistari can never silence the takfiri retards till it reforms itself by providing teachers well versed in science. Many Qur’anic verses will never be understood without know physics and chemistry.

It is vital to clean an environment that breeds elements open to be captured by militant fundamentalism. Economic as well as educational reforms are direly needed to bring about real and necessary change where, for instance, skilled labor can be trained to work diligently towards creating a healthy climate where people are geared towards production rather than merely sticking to consumption. A human being can never be able to maintain his full dignity while being unskilled, unemployed and unable to earn a living with his own capabilities. Such reforms should also provide for family planning in order to bring an end to unacceptable cases where multiplicity of wives produce children which they cannot support and are eventually left on the streets to feed themselves, as witnessed in some Arab and Moslem countries. It is worth mentioning here the China well-known example that has achieved the level of an economic superpower.

Islam and Muslims have often been blamed for generating militant fundamentalism when the facts point to the role of the Western world that had abused the Islamic religion in the sixties of last century by using political Islam which is anti-Qur’an to combat Arab nationalism spearheaded at the time by President Nasser of Egypt. Western intelligence agencies supported the so called Islamic Jihadists to defeat “the ungodly Soviet Union in Afghanistan”, thus giving birth to Al-Qaeda and its toxic waste Da’esh which both are now knocking on the doors of the Western world.

Another militant takfiri state has been energizing militants with its Zionist doctrine and racist and colonial nature. Both takfiri states are two faces of the same coin. Combating Al-Qaeda and its toxic waste Da’esh, while fully supporting the takfiri Jewish state of Israel to complete its Juaization of all historical Palestine, is only going to lead to a humongous catastrophe in the Middle East that is bound to engulf the Western world as well.