Israel and ISIS: Two Sides of a Coin

Prof. As’ad Abdul Rahman

Militants adhering to takfiri doctrines (those who accuse others of apostasy) follow an extreme violent path to terminate all those who differ with them, by all means available. They usually blaspheme other religions and negate the right of existence of other races and ethnic groups. All takfiri doctrines are generated by an egotistical superiority complex which is only a mask hiding a degenerate feeling of inferiority. Indeed, human history abounds with examples where such doctrines led to people being punished and burned alive during the inquisition period over differences in interpretations of the Christian faith. The Nazi doctrine, in recent history, was another example targeting faith and race and igniting ovens. Now, we are witnessing two similar doctrines, one adopted by the ‘chosen people of God’, as claimed by the Israeli Zionists and the other by the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and its satanic sisters. Both have no connection whatsoever with the spiritual messages of Judaism and Islam.

Self, but not God, serving is the takfiri doctrines with followers ready to commit massacres against the innocent to vanquish their opponents. The beastly nature of acts committed by ISIS and the impacts of the carnage that took place in Gaza a few months ago, along with the ongoing brutality against Palestinians in Jerusalem by the Israeli ultra-religious and ultra nationalists are daily scenes on TV stations around the world. Both ISIS and the Israeli extremists represent two ‘states’ with open borders on stolen lands with followers marching to blunder and kill to establish their political entities using religion as a weapon of mass destruction. Such practices are in contradiction with the holy Qur’an which states: “Whoever kills an innocent soul…., as if he killed the entire humanity and whoever saves an innocent soul, as if he saved all humanity.” Similarly, the Torah states: “whoever kills an innocent life, as if he killed all life.” Nevertheless, extremists on both sides are hell bent on committing their crimes to establish their theocracies and religious states to rule all.

In Islam, the rule of clergy in the political state is absolutely prohibited. The politicization of religion creates religiosities that are self serving, not God serving. This is exactly why we have seen how the religious edicts, or ‘fatwas’, issued by ISIS brought death and destruction in Iraq and Syria. Professor Israel Shahak, a Biblical scholar and a Holocaust survivor wrote about the religious ‘fatwas’ of the Talmud written by Rabbis to interpret the Torah which say that “All non-Jews are really beasts in human form for the sole purpose of serving the Jews.” After quoting the Talmud that seems to rule Israel now, Shahak says: “there can no longer be doubt that the most horrifying acts of oppression in the occupied Palestinian territories are motivated by Jewish religious fanaticism centered on instructions of Halakha (Jewish laws) of the Talmud which permits the killing of civilians who are ostensibly good, when Jewish soldiers storm the enemy.” In his book, The Religion of the Jews, Shahak says that “the Talmud’s racist hatred and intolerance against non-Jews are now being directed against Palestinians.” Yet, ironically, all Israeli governments have always demanded the deletion of anti-Zionist material from books used in Palestinian schools because “it encourages racist hatred”!!! It is worth asking here:  who would dare in Israel to delete the whole Talmud (the most racist book written by a human hand that currently rules) just as the Reform Jews of America did?”

ISIS is calling on all Muslims to come to its so-called Islamic state which is really anti-Islamic! And so is the case with Israel which is now preparing to build the ‘Third Temple’ on the holy site occupied by Al-Aqsa Mosque and The Noble Sanctuary. All ‘the Rabbis of the Temple’ need now, as a divine sign from the Lord, “a cow with a certain red color to be born.” The Israeli news media reports on the web that ‘genetic engineers are working on producing a cow with the right color needed to start building the temple’. That means the destruction of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Noble Sanctuary is coming soon which will open the gates of hell ushering in ‘Armageddon’ which the Zionist Christians are waiting for in America. Without Armageddon in which Israel is utterly terminated, “The Second Coming of The Christ” would not take place, according to these most ardent supporters of Israel in America!! The temple of Solomon was not meant to be a temple of stone, as King David explained to his son Solomon before his death. His words, according to The Holman Christian Standard Bible were: “My son, it was in my heart I built a house (Temple) for The Name of Yahweh, my God.” In other words, the Temple of the Living God is a living temple situated in the hearts and minds of human beings and the temple of stones are for gods made of stones and that is what King David meant in his statement to Solomon. Indeed, ‘The Rabbis of the Temple’ never found a trace of the so-called first temple because there was never one according to The Five Books of Moses, the True Torah, used by all Jews. Playing according to fictitious history that never happened is playing with fire that may consume all the players who adhere to takfiri “religious” doctrines.