Israel’s Relentless Insistence on Apartheid Policies

Prof. As’ad Abdul Rahman

Oxymoron is a figure of speech in which contradictory terms are combined producing a paradox that absolutely negates itself. It is like saying a very honest thief, a deceitful truth or a Jewish democratic state. Indeed, the Zionist State has fabricated a ‘tall tale’ by presenting itself as the only democracy in the Middle East and as a moral extension to high western values.

According to agreed western principles of democracy, a democratic state cannot be a colonial occupying power ruling other people by brute force and remains democratic at the same time. Also, a true democracy does not permit its youth to be inculcated on racist/apartheid religious doctrines that negate others. The Talmud, the most sacred text of all which governs the lives of the Jewish majority who are in power in Israel teaches that “all non-Jews are beasts created in the form of human beings for the sole purpose of serving Jews.” That is why American Reform Jews rejected this racist/apartheid Talmud to be part of their religious services.

Such an undemocratic, racist/apartheid reality taking hold now in Israel is being codified into a draft law introduced for approval by Prime Minister Netanyahu. The so-called Law of the National State for the Jewish People advocates and designates Israel as “The National State for Jews only”.  The oxymoron in this law is that a Jewish state can never be democratic while remaining exclusive to Jews only, negating other non-Jews who are, in fact, the original native population of Palestine. Netanyahu warned that all should fully support this law because “the historical and legal status of Israel as a Jewish state is being questioned and undermined.” He further said: “Failing to pass this law will cause Israel to end up as a bi-national state. It would, on the other hand, as he said, encourage the migration of Jews from world countries into Israel under ‘the right of return’.

Knesset member Yariv Levin, an advocate of  the law, says the “the essence  of this law will redirect  Israel to return to its original Zionist nature which is meant to serve the rights of Jews only after Israel’s civil courts have undermined Jewish rights by making them equal to non- Jewish rights which violates the basic principle of Zionism.” In other words, the proposed law places the civil rights of Jews in Israel above the civil rights of Palestinians being non-Jews, thus codifying the racist/apartheid status of Israel in a law to be applied and followed by all including all courts of law. Its articles are bound to legalize racial and religious discrimination against the Palestinians while continuing the annexation of their lands in all historical Palestine.  Moreover, Palestinians of 1948 and 1967 will be deemed illegal aliens in their ancestral homeland, while  Ashkenazi Jews whose ancestral land is in the Ukraine and who are neither Semitic nor have any Biblical connection whatsoever with Prophet Abraham will have the legal status as citizens of Israel.

The draft law, if passed, can only mean that it is ‘legal’ to transfer all Palestinians to make Israel ‘a Jewish state for Jews only’. Israel’s justice minister Tzipi Livni opposes the law warning that passing it would “allow the passing of many racist laws which would strip the Israeli Supreme Court of its rights to oppose them.” That is also the very reason that made US Secretary of State John Kerry to warn that “the failure of reaching a settlement, according to a two-state solution, would lead Israel to become an apartheid state in which non- Jews would be considered as second class citizens.” .

Gideon Levi wrote in Haaretz: “It is true that Israel would become an apartheid state, as John Kerry said or not two days later. Just look what happened to its genuine friend who was trying to warn it from itself.  How unfriendly  to Israel he is to retract his frank genuine and friendly warning merely for fear of the (Jewish) lobby” Levy continued saying that “ Kerry’s vacillations do not change the reality that shrieks from every wall, from every West Bank Palestinian village, from every reservoir and power grid that is for Jews only; apartheid screams from every demolished tent encampment and every verdict of the military court, from every nighttime arrest, every eviction order and every settlement home.”

When the proposed law, if approved, will be added to one that punishes Palestinians for remembrance of the 1948 catastrophic events that forced them out of their homes to become refugees, it will no doubt show that the real Zionist agenda is intended not only to erase Palestinian history from the human memory, but also to completely erase Palestinian presence from all historical Palestine.

Yet, such laws will never succeed to erase the truth that the Ashkenazi right-wing Jews were converts to Judaism originally as Khazars who scientifically by DNA testing are Aryans without any historical connection to the Holy Land of Palestine. Only with a true democratic non-religious Israeli civil state living side by side with a true democratic civil Arab Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital and all its 1967 territories free from Israeli military occupation and colonial settlement, a true and enduring peace would be able to prevail in the Middle East.