The Lone Wolves

Prof. As’ad Abdul Rahman

The ‘Lone Wolves’ is a name coined by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to describe the most deadly independent cells of Al-Qaeda who are now active without any connection to the central command. They make up their own targets and rely completely on their own resources. The best example is the two brothers from Chechnya who where behind the Boston bombing in April, 2013. Each ‘lone wolf’ is filled with revenge seeking death for himself and the greatest number of his ‘enemies’, usually western targets. The most deadly of these Takfiri recruits (Those Muslims who accuse other Muslims of apostasy) are western converts to Islam and generally the children of Muslim immigrants who were born in western countries. With those around, there is no need to import any recruits from the Middle East who need constant contact with their home base and who fit the profile when crossing borders which makes them easy to catch by security agencies.

Al-Qaeda was born when the US government sought to politicize Islam “to defeat the godless evil empire (of the then Soviet Union) in Afghanistan” and now it is being hunted with the rest of the western world by its own creation. The takfiri virus of Al-Qaeda has now turned into a worldwide epidemic posing the greatest threat to world peace and security. This deadly threat is increasing in time for four reasons; one is the way being used (mainly by the USA, European countries as well as several Arab and Muslim States) to combat its brute force and evil ideas. The second lies in the fact that Islam prohibits politicizing religion because it creates an Islamic authority headed by mortal beings. This authority in Islam is in the hand of God the most high who decides who is a blasphemer and who is not on the “Day of Judgment”. That is why priesthood is absolutely forbidden in Islam to prevent any mortal from claiming any Islamic religious authority by which he might form an Islamic political party or religious state which are both prohibited by God. A third reason why Al-Qaeda is prospering is the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ which opened many fronts for its fighters to get their military training and baptism by blood, mainly that of innocent civilians praying in houses of worship. Last but not least, Al-Qaeda appears to be drawing humongous energy from a fourth source; i.e. the Jewish takfiri Zionist colonial doctrine which claims all historical Palestine as a divine gift for the Jews only, thus negating the whole Arab people of Palestine, Christians and Muslims, alike.

The supply of lives to the suicidal ranks of the takfiri cells of the ‘lone wolves’ of Al-Qaeda is endless because the Arab World has yet to awaken itself from eight centuries of  deep slumber forced by the Ottoman rule. A Muslim scholar once warned in the 19th century that “the Western World will never enjoy a moment of restful sleep till the Islamic world is awakened from its deep slumber of ignorance”. The Arab World is now still suffering from failed economies with unskilled populations unable to support themselves.

The ‘lone wolves” are increasing in number and include more than 2000 European ‘jihadists’ fighting in Syria who are now (and would be shortly) returning home. They carry European passports that allow them to easily travel all over Europe and the United States. Wikileaks recently published a diplomatic cable stating that “Security chiefs at the NATO meeting revealed that Al-Qaeda was planning a program of dirty radioactive improvised devices aimed against European and American urban centers.” These explosive devices are described by the CIA as “Al-Qaeda’s favorite weapon”. Indeed, and according to FBI reports, Al-Qaeda has made more than four failed attempts to plant “dirty bombs” in America. Dhiren Barot, a Hindu Indian national, was recruited by Al- Qaeda because of his father’s high position in the World Bank. Barot’s targets were the New York Exchange at Wall Street, and The International Monetary Fund in Washington, DC. “Al- Qaeda’s favorite bomb”, according to the FBI is usually “a radioactive material found in small capsules of powdered caesium-137 removed from radiotherapy clinics that treat cancer patients.” If these bombs were to explode, according to the FBI, most of Manhattan Island and most of Washington, DC, would have to be evacuated and would be rendered “unfit for human habitation for hundreds of years. And that is one of several reasons the USA and the European Union are desperately trying to forge a two-state solution in Palestine, but to no avail because the far right Israeli government is in deep coma and denial sticking its head in the annexed Palestinian soil to complete the Judaization of all Arab historical Palestine.

Judaization of the Holy Land means the transfer of Palestinians, Christians and Moslems, from their ancestral homeland. Such a task would be very difficult to carry out when compared to the very easy task of the ‘lone wolves of Al-Qaeda” using crude rockets laced with caesium-137, obtained from any radiotherapy clinic, dropping on Israel like rain, turning its exclusive Jewish urban centers unfit for any human habitation! Can the world afford to wait any more, doing nothing to alleviate Palestinian miseries in the Gaza Strip and all occupied lands and/or to enforce their legitimate rights, while the ‘lone wolves’ of Al-Qaeda are gathering to strike?