What Netanyahu says, What He Should Know

Prof. As’ad Abdul Rahman

We have become accustomed to statements by Israeli leaders boasting in arrogance while they know for certainty that they are taking advantage of the absence of international justice, disunity among Palestinian organizations and the vast disruption taking place in many Arab countries as a result of the ‘Arab Spring’ revolts. The insolence and sheer audacity of the Israeli far right leaders have not even spared Western leaders and high political figures known for long as staunch traditional supporters of Israel, an example is the Israeli criticism of the American Secretary of State, John Kerry.

The arrogant anger being displayed by the present far right Israeli government stems from the refusal of the Palestinians to accept being robbed and imprisoned within the high colonial wall of apartheid and refrain from reactivating their complaints to various UN organs that monitor violations of international law and the UN Charter. When the policies of the present Israeli government are criticized by its Western friends who fear the Israeli racist policies might lead the Zionist State to the pit of disasters affecting the Western world as well, the egotistical insolence of the present leaders of “the chosen people of God” spills its anger and hateful deluge upon them for daring to speak the truth.

While in a meeting with US President Osama in the White House, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu openly declared that “Jerusalem is not a settlement, but the eternal capital of the Jewish state”. In saying so, he completely embarrassed the American president whose official government policy considers “East Jerusalem as an occupied Palestinian territory.” To add insult to injury, Netanyahu directly addressed the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas through the news media by telling him to “recognize now the Jewish state without any excuses or delay”. Gideon Levy commented in Haaretz saying “what insolence is bigger than Israel wanting the complete support of Mr. John Kerry for all Israel’s mistakes and with audacity on top of that in its pursuit of building more and more settlements while peace negotiations are taking place?”

We, the Arab Palestinians should simply remind the Israeli Prime Minister of facts he is well aware of because they simply originate from the Torah and the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia.

First, Israel in the Torah is a spiritual state of the higher human mind not a political material state which Jacob attained and changed his name to that of his ‘newly born spiritual name’ i.e. Israel. Prophet Israel/Jacob established the ‘Aliya’, the higher migration, only as a mental conceptualization not in a place called Palestine. A faithful Jew does not have to migrate to Palestine and annex Palestinian lands to attain ‘Aliya’, but can easily stay put and attain it anywhere in the world-according to the Torah- by simply  waging “a holy jihad” against his material egotistical self to overcome it, as Prophet Israel did.

Secondly, the colonial Zionist doctrine created by the Ashkenazi Jews which was based upon “the right of return to the ancestral land of Palestine” is a false doctrine, according to the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia which designates that land to be in present day Ukraine where the Atil Kingdom of the Khazars, the true ancestors of the Ashkenazi Jews existed and where they converted to Judaism in the 7th century A.D. Your “right of return”, Mr. Netanyahu, might only allow you to return to the Ukraine not to Palestine.

As Arab Palestinians have been very charitable by stopping the bloodshed taking place in Palestine for a long time, they expressed willingness to peacefully coexist with their cousins, the Arab Palestinian Jews, as well as the Ashkenazis on equal footing by establishing their Palestinian State on the land occupied in 1967 and with east Jerusalem as their capital on the basis of the UN resolution stipulating the right of return to Palestinian refugees. But with the current Israeli government rejection of such a plan, the alternative was a one state solution with dual ethnicity.

But thanks to your colonial settlements and continued occupation, Mr. Netanyahu, the one state solution left is the one governed by apartheid policies. No democratic state can ever arise in “a Jewish State” because non-Jews will never have equal rights.

“Kerry, please leave us alone”, wrote Avirama Golan in Haaretz, “take a rest for a while. America and the European Union and all who wish Israel good should rest and observe us from afar. We have imprisoned our neighbors within high walls and wounded their lands with highways for our own use only, while suffocating with our settlements and checkpoints. We have become big deceivers by deceiving ourselves first of all by creating a racist state ruled by religious and egotistical views that are mixed with very aggressive nationalism.” In other words, this very conscientious Jew is asking Kerry to leave the right wing Israeli government to commit suicide in peace, taking the Israeli people down with it.