Israel, a Generational Fanatic Intolerance

Prof. As’ad Abdul Rahman


Many Jewish youth in Israel have ingrained impressions of racist inclination towards Arabs. It leads them to think fanatically of every Arab as lowlife, deceitful, ignorant, disloyal, greedy, terrorist and a killer. Racism against the Arab Palestinians is a done task in Israel. This fanatic intolerance against Palestinians covers all sectors of the Israeli society that includes all ultra-nationalistic political parties as well as the ultra-religious rabbinate authorities with religious schools run by the Ashkenazi Jews who are non-Semitic converts and absolutely never, ever had any biblical connection with the Holy Land of Palestine. It is to be remembered that, in psychology, every superiority complex, is, in many cases, a mask that hides a real inferiority complex raging inside the mentality of an individual portraying it publicly and in practice. Superiority complex is a mental sickness recognized by modern medicine as one said: “Tell me what you hate in others and I will tell you what is eating you inside”.

All the afflictions attached to the Palestinian Arabs, as embedded in Israeli minds, used to be attributed to Jews for centuries by Christians and most Europeans regardless whether they were true or not. The same heinous attribution is now being transformed to the Palestinian Arabs by the very victims who suffered carrying them for centuries. In this context, Israeli ‘Price Taggers'”, youth trained in Ashkenazi religious schools, make an exact copy of ‘the Hitler Nazi Youth’ who tagged Jewish temple and shops in Germany with ugly racial writings which led in the end to the Holocaust. Racist laws enacted by the Knesset (the Israeli Parliament) are increasingly copying the racist laws of by the ‘Third Reich’ of Nazi Germany. Along these lines, the Israeli author (Or Katchi) of Haaretz Newspaper spoke to Israeli students in secondary schools who expressed extreme hostility against the Palestinians by advocating a ‘holocaust’ to get rid of them. He wrote that the Israeli ministry of education “has completely ignored this phenomenon”(of hate against the Arabs). The Minister of Education in Israel for four years Gideon Sa’ar from Likud, made sure that such extreme hostility flourishes and prospers in the mentality of all sectors of Israeli society. Israeli teachers who oppose this racist phenomenon are afraid even to discuss it with their students who, according to one teacher, “would turn the discussion into shouting match with the teacher refusing to hear anything about any human rights”.

Dr. Paul Butler, a visiting Professor in Georgetown University in Washington, DC, said in an article that “the increased child birth among the conservative Jews of the extreme right is giving them a greater demographic influence which is contributing to the increasing rate of intolerance in Israel. Israel is being identified as a state belonging to a singular race and religion which has created a second class citizen who does not belong to this singular religion which makes Judaism the dominant factor in the affairs of the state”. This is why, the Israeli human rights organization in its 2012 annual report warned of the danger of racist laws being enacted, negatively affecting the democratic principles and human rights. The report further focused on the racist Israeli policies being enforced against the Palestinians in the West Bank, Jerusalem and the Gaza strip and in the Naqab, in particular where Palestinian Arab Bedouins are being uprooted from their ancestral lands. Also, Bradley Pierson, an American who migrated to Israel in 1967, compared Abraham Lincoln time with the present time in Israel after he went with his wife to see the motion picture ‘Lincoln’ in the theater in Israel. He wrote that watching the American civil war reminded him of how Israel is now tearing itself into pieces till death in trying to disconnect itself from the Palestinians as human beings. “I know now”, he adds, that “the practical meaning of apartheid which is expressed by the slavery of occupation whose name is being used to view the Palestinians as chattels who could be hand-cuffed and moved anywhere separating them from their close families and torturing them and denying them to vote and to buy properties and to shoot them on sight and to subdue them to be under the control of their ruling masters who claim divine Biblical right to dominate them. And to make them serve their Masters in building residential areas and taking care of the farms without any right of ownership”. Quoting Lincoln’s words: “who deny others from attaining freedom, they do not deserve any freedom”, Bradley ends his article by asking:”Isn’t it our right to conclude that what is happening in modern Israel is the intolerance of the majority which is the intolerance of successive generations of Israelis not only the intolerance of the ruling political parties?” This is a rightful query on a steadily developing and dangerous phenomenon, which Israel must heed in terms of its dreadful impacts on its people first, and on Palestinians foremost.