Three Christianized, Judaised and Islamized ‘Qaeda’ Style Trends

‘Al-Qaeda’ is a militant organization that has adopted a ‘Takfiri’ religiosity known as being self-created and self -but not God-serving, a doctrine that blasphemes and completely negates all who differ with its egotistical thinking. Religiosity is the way the human brain processes the spiritual message of religion, which is anti materialistic, and whose main purpose is to point ‘the way’ that leads straight to Heaven. Unevolved materialistic brains fabricate religiosities that serve their selfish and egotistical materialistic aims. These self-concocted religiosities that grow away from the original spiritual messages get invaded/ infected by the deadly ‘takfiri’ doctrine virus.

Beginning with the ‘Christianized Qaeda’ as an example, i.e. the Holy Cross, the symbol of the ultimate sacrifice and selfless service that seeks no material reward from this material world was transformed by a self-created greedy religiosity into a sword to wage military Crusades against ‘Muslim infidels’. The first victim of such a self-serving religiosity was Constantinople or ‘the Jewel of Christendom’, whose treasures were seized or blundered in the name of the cross and shipped to various European capitals. As a result, the Christian Church was split causing animosities and differences among Christians until this day. The same creed of the Christianized ‘Qaeda’ emerged again in Europe to generate unadulterated evil, i.e. Nazism and the Holocaust. Years later, egotistical religiosity was resurrected in the forms of extreme right political parties who are well versed in stoking the fire and fanning the raging flames of hatred, this time, against Islam and European Muslims. ‘Islamophobia’ or the fear of Islam is the doctrine of those political parties of extreme right whose purpose is to drive out all Muslims from Europe. More specifically, the Christianized ‘Qaeda’ in America groups ‘Christian Fundamentalists’, mainly Southern Baptists who form the real political base of the Republican Party. They call themselves ‘The Christian Zionists’ in clear reference to their absolute support of Israel. They completely oppose the two-state (Israel and State of Palestine) solution. A peaceful solution would negate Armagedon which is absolutely necessary for “the second coming of Christ”, according to their own religiosity. Armagedon means in their terms war between Muslims and Jews in which all the Jews in Israel will be annihilated according to the belief of “the Christian Zionists”. Without the annihilation of the State of Israel, “the Second Coming” won’t take place! To maintain their support of Israel, the ‘Jews for Jesus’ Organization was established grouping ardent Zionist American Jews. The group is well financed and maintains daily contact with the churches of fundamental Christians offering free trips to Israel, ‘the Holy Land’ or ‘the Promised Land’. Faithful Christians follow their sacred Book, the New Testament, known as the Gospel which means “The good news”. The self-founded religiosity of ‘the Christian Zionists’ has only ‘bad news’ that declares the destruction of the world. The only ‘good news’ in their dogma is that they will be the only ones saved!

The ‘Judaised Qaeda’ is seeking a “Jewish State” exclusive for “The chosen people of God” who claim divine entitlement to all the lands of historical Palestine. They are no different from their allies, ‘The Christian Zionists’, expecting the coming of Messiah, but “the first coming” not “the second coming” because the Christ who came was “the false Christ”, according to their own religiosity. The sign of “the first coming” is the birth of a cow with certain colors, instead of an Armagedon. Upon the birth of this cow, ‘the Temple Mount’ must be destroyed in order to build in its place “the true Jewish Temple” to receive the Jewish Messiah who is to rule the world. In order to speed up the process, genetic engineering has been deployed to produce a cow with a specific color that would be the signal to destroy the Islamic temple and build in its place “the Jewish Temple”, thus, blaspheming and negating all Christians and all Muslims around the world.

The Islamized ‘Qaeda’ was created and organized by the Reagan Administration to fight and defeat the so-called ‘evil empire’ in Afghanistan. The American Government sought to politicize Islam to defeat the then Soviet Union and communism. The Holy Qur’an prohibits the politicization of religion in order to prevent a political authority from putting Islam under its control. The religious authority in Islam is in the hand of God, the most high only. That is why Islam prohibited the founding of any clergy with a religious authority to prevent the establishment of a religious/ political state. According to the Holy Qur’an, the Islamic religion must be separated from politics because “religion belongs only to God”. Nevertheless, the West politicized Islam to defeat the Soviet Union after which, Islamized ‘Qaeda’ was utterly abandoned by its Western originators. Its resurrection came years later turning the group into a monster haunting and hunting its creators without Islam or Muslims having a say in the matter except paying a heavy price and getting blamed for the atrocities committed by a monster created by the West.

Now the West is asking the Palestinians to recognize Israel as ‘a Jewish State’. But if America declares herself as ‘a Christian Baptist Republic’, France as ‘a Catholic Christian Republic’ and Germany as ‘a Christian Lutheran State’, then, they can ask the Palestinians to recognize “the Jewish State”. The PLO has already recognized Israel as a civil state in which the law rules all its citizens (Jews, Christians and Moslems) equally. What more does the West want?

Western experts are searching for the cause of the insanity that once generated acts of extreme violence in the Middle East. But the western policies in the region, political greeds, far right extremism and egotistical religiosity combine to aggravate a volatile situation and prompt such insane acts, yet they are not limited to a specific region, race or creed. That is why the three ‘Qaeda’ style Christianized, Judaised and Islamized trends must be absolutely rejected and even condemned.