Shedding blame on others for one’s own failures and shortcomings represents the lowest level of human consciousness manifested in total inability to be emancipated from a purely materialistic mode of thinking. Blaming the Jews as the ‘killers of Christ’ netted the so-called Christian ill-gotten material gains by confiscating Jewish properties. The new trend now in Europe is laying the blame on ‘Muslim terrorism’, leading to  ‘Islamophobia’, or the fear of Islam, which is being marketed by Christian and Jewish extreme right parties in the West and in Israel, a ‘well thought’ campaign because what we fear, we naturally hate! There can never be an Islamic, Jewish or Christian fascism, but a plenty of fascists who falsely claim to be Muslims, Jews and Christians, as recently witnessed.

While the world was getting ready to commemorate the victims of the World Trade Center in New York, another campaign was being prepared against Islam with ‘Muslim terrorism’ being a highlight of the commemoration event. Suddenly a Norwegian claiming to be a member of a Christian rightist party spoiled ‘the Islamophobia party’ by committing an atrocity that killed nearly 100 innocent souls, mostly youngsters enjoying their summer camp in Norway. The killer justified his heinous crime as “a necessary action in the fight against Islam and Muslims in Europe”. This absolutely sick degenerate person killed Christian children in his fight against ‘Muslim terrorism’! It reminds us of the Christian crusades against ‘the Muslim infidels’, but the first victim of the war was Constantinople, the Jewel of Christendom, which was stripped out of its treasures that were transferred to European capitals, under the motto of ‘serving God’! The very same insanity is taking place in Palestine where ‘the chosen people of God’ are confiscating Palestinian homes and farms in the name of God, as a divine entitlement!

The first reaction in the West to the massacre in Norway was an instant rush of judgment blaming it on ‘Muslim terrorism’. When the Nordic blond Christian who happened to be an ardent supporter of Israel proudly confessed to the crime in his fight against Muslims “who should be driven out of Europe”, the Western world stood still in shame. This evil anti-humane mentality seeking to drive out Muslims from Europe exactly coincides with that of the Nazi that sought to purify Europe of the Jewish presence and the colonial Zionists in our times who continuously work to drive the Arab Palestinians (the indigenous people) out of Palestine, the Holy Land, the land of “the chosen people of God”!!

Yet, many western observers discreetly questioned the rush to blame Muslims for the massacre in Norway. German Felix Steiner wrote that “before knowing the perpetrator was a Norwegian, many in Germany assumed that ‘Muslim terrorists’ were behind the massacre in Norway”. He asked: “Why did they hold such a belief which made them commit an extreme misjudgment?” Sheikh Hassan Mousa, a Muslim thinker, responded to Steiner’s query by stating that “the culture of blind hatred that generates terrorism does not belong exclusively to one religion or country as events showed in Norway”. He said “the extreme right in Europe is much more dangerous than Al-Qaeda”.

The extreme right parties in Europe grew in size in recent years which  enabled them to stoke the fire of hatred against Islam and Muslims preparing the ground to transfer them to their original countries. In 2008 a meeting in Belgium arranged by Europe’s extreme right political parties ended with the establishment of a united organization dedicated “to eradicate the Islamization of Europe”. The French far right National front party headed by Marine Le Pen has made “the de-islamization of Europe” on top of its agenda.  Party members vandalized Muslim cemeteries in France in 2009 – 2010.  A sister party was established in Holland headed by parliament member Geert Wilders, who declared: “I do not hate Muslims, but I do hate Islam”. He even compared the Qur’an with Hitler’s book, ‘Mein Kampf’ or ‘My Struggle’!!

Indeed, the Western media can never claim innocence after establishing an alliance with the extreme right current of thought/ parties that hold deep hatred to Islam and Muslims. An ‘ideal’ example of this unholy alliance is the Fox News Network that is championing the causes of the extreme ‘Christian right’ and the colonial Zionist Israeli occupation in Palestine. It is the same Christian right which in the 1980s politicized Islam as a tool to fight communism and “the evil empire” in Afghanistan. It is the very same ‘Christian right’ that changed its name to ‘neo-conservatives’ allowing the ‘extreme Jewish right’ to grow into a powerful political base exclusive to the Republican Party in the U.S.A. It is worth remembering that ‘Al-Qaeda’ was the child of the neo-conservative trend in the Western world. Neither Islam nor Muslims across the world had anything to do with it.  Unless the world wakes up to the fact that religiosity and the human perception of religion from a materialistic aspect serving man not God, as held by the Crusades, the Nazis and currently demonstrated by the Zionist colonial settlers in the occupied Palestinian lands, the whole world is going to suffer. Such religiosities are alien to the spiritual values of the divine spiritual/ anti-materialistic schools of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  Terrorism is a world phenomenon that is not limited to one state, country, culture or religion. Atrocities committed under such a phenomenon are the result of such man-serving religiosities not God-sent religions.