Four States in Historical Palestine, Who Will Win?

Practically, there are four states in historical Palestine; the State of Israel, the colonizers/settlers’ ‘State’, and two other States in Ramallah and Gaza.
The first has become fully aware that a ‘Jewish State’ would in effect annihilate the legal reality grounded in the UN resolution 194 which calls for the Right of Return of Palestinian refugees who were forcibly deported from their lands in 1948. A second dangerous byproduct of a ‘Jewish State’ would be the ‘soft’ eviction (‘transfer’ in Israeli political jargon) of Arab Palestinians who hold Israeli citizenship from their cities, villages and homes to insure the ‘purity’ of a Jewish State. A third horrible outcome of such a state would be the future “transfer” of all Palestinians living in the West Bank to make way for the ‘super’ Jewish State of the future. Indeed, the Zionist plan envisaged from its very inception the establishment of a purely Jewish State in ‘Historic Israel’ without any Palestinian presence within its borders. Many Israelis see now that “old age” syndrome is already having its effect on their own State and consequently undermining its survival. The Israeli extreme political and ideological right wing parties and groups believe that the only solution for the revival of Israel can only be achieved by the Judaization of the State and by attracting ‘new Jewish blood’ to arrest the aging process.
The second new ‘State’, seen as the “the essence of Jewish revival” according to die-hard Likudists and other extremist parties, is ‘the State of settlers’ that has and is still being created beyond the Green Line (i.e. the 1948 Armistice Line) in the occupied Palestinian territories. This new ‘State’ has hijacked the general political process as well as the judicial process in the Israeli Knesset. New fascist laws are being enacted, eroding the democratic process by, officially and legally, making the Palestinian Arabs who are citizens of Israel, citizens with second class status outside the protection of the law. The egotistical superiority complex of the so-called “Chosen People of God” has become the driving power of the Zionist State that is practically defying the whole world including international law. Indeed, the settlers/ colonizers’ drive has managed to ‘annex’ the State of Israel and its parliament to their State, thus, attempting to cover Israel and all Jews around the world with its ethnic cleansing policies. This second new State has drawn Orthodox Judaism to its racist doctrine by regarding non-Orthodox Jews who constitute nearly 85 % of the world Jewry as non-Jews. The new State has ardent adherents in the street and particularly in all the military and security branches to propagate its goals and even to rebel against the State when needed. Professor Oren Yiftachel who teaches at Ben-Gurion University states that “instead of Israel annexing the settlements in the Judaized areas, the settlements have annexed the State of Israel”. “It is not because settlements and settlers are a majority” he says, “but a small minority who is being fully supported by the Israeli elite in the government, in business and in the highest level of the military in Israel”. ‘The Kingdom of the settlers’ was actually declared by Baruch Marzel whose aim was “to cleanse the areas” of southern Tel Aviv from any Palestinian presence!! Along the same line, Israeli commentator (Siver Blokster) speaks of a majority of Israelis inclined to accept a Palestinian State beside the Israeli State, “but not different from the present Palestinian Authority in geographical, political and military terms”. He goes on to say that “very, very few Israelis support evacuating 150,000–200,000 settlers from the West Bank or establishing a demarcation line in Jerusalem or permitting the occupied territories to absorb hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees especially those coming from Lebanon”.
On a different level, Jewish colonial settlements and their population daily experience the presence of the third ‘State’, referred to by many as the State of Ramallah declared in parts of the West Bank and who daily bear the brunt of attacks by armed settlers. The fourth State is called by many as the Islamic State of Gaza, a besieged ‘mini-state’, but nevertheless holding high the Palestinian slogan of “Liberation of Historic Palestine from the River to the Sea!” This State seems to be very efficient in the art of making alliance with regional powers (Syria and Iran) and proposing lasting ‘truces’ with Israel. Tel Aviv University Professor Gideon Biger says “they ask the world to recognize the independent Palestinian State, but the reality of the two Palestinian States negates the establishment of the One Palestinian State”.
Judging by the actual powers mustered by all of these four ‘States’, the third and the fourth, in the West Bank and Gaza, appear doomed! Indeed, unless they both unite and put the Palestinian national interest and security above all considerations, it is most likely that the State of Israel and the ‘State of settlers’ will triumph and will have the upper hand until further notice.