Extreme Religiosity

When extreme egotism exists in a religion, or when related to race, color or even the male gender, it develops into a mental sickness manifested by an extreme inferiority complex of a self-hating human mind trying very hard to hide its inner afflictions. Such sick minds hold fake masks of a superiority complex using religion, race, color, ethnicity and the male gender as tools to hide their deficiencies for fear of shame or being discovered.
In the wake of World War 1, Germany endured extreme humiliation at the hands of the victorious European colonial powers, mainly France and Great Britain. The German people were forced to sell all their belongings to survive and Germany was, literally, robbed by anyone who had dollars in his hands. In order to compensate for such extreme humiliation which sickened many German minds, “the superiority of the master Aryan/ white race” was born and was manifested in Nazism.
The Jews experienced and endured long periods of suffering at the hands of their European so-called ‘Christian brothers’ who brought a deep seated inferiority complex upon the Jewish communities. The only antidote thought of to lessen the impact of such an inferiority status among the Jews and to make the ‘Christian brothers’ stop their persecutions was the use of the Bible (common to both Christians and Jews). “The chosen people of God” as the Bible refers to the Jews, became a mantra to remind Christians to cease persecuting the Jews. The Holocaust, the ultimate crime committed against Jews in Europe, gave momentum to Zionism, once shunned by the majority of secular and religious Jews. Without the Holocaust, the Zionist entity would have never been born and the Palestinian Arab population would have never had to unjustly pay in full the price of such a crime.
After getting rid of the majority of Palestinians living in their homeland in 1948, the Jews became the ruling majority with an Arab minority in the newly-born ‘State of Israel’. This Zionist entity started as a secular state based on socialist principles, but Israel’s lightning military victory in the 1967 war changed its path.
The egotistical superiority complex of “the chosen people of God” once used as a ploy to stop Christians persecuting Jews, became a sacred motto of sick minds among the Jews who were never able to rid themselves of feelings of inferiority. Thus, the Arab Palestinians in the Israeli occupied territories and even the Palestinians of 1948 who hold Israeli citizenship became victims of this superiority complex. Registered deeds of Palestinian farms and homes were made null and void by “the chosen people of God” who claim ‘divine entitlement’ to all Palestinian homes and lands. Judaism has become politicized which has indeed started the process of ending the secular status of the Israeli Zionist entity.
It is to be remembered that feeble attempts were made to politicize Islam in the wake of the fall of the Ottoman Empire, but they failed in the face of rising Turkish nationalism (Ataturkism) and the revival of Arab Nationalism enforced later by Jamal Abdul Nasser. However, the politicization of Islam was successfully accomplished in Afghanistan by the US Republican Party when the Reagan Administration struggled to defeat “the atheist/ evil empire of the Soviet Union” in that country. Such developments eventually led to the emergence of al-Qaeda organization which is being headed by the veterans/ Jihadists (fighters for Islam) of the war in Afghanistan.
Years later, President George Bush (the son) led the game of politicization of religion, Christianity in this case, to its ultimate end. Christian fundamentalists became the key voting bloc for the Republican Party. An unholy union was forged between the so-called ‘Zionist Christians’ who believe in “the annihilation of the State of Israel” as a precondition to usher in “the Second Coming of the Christ” and the extreme Jewish rightist political movement of the “chosen people of God” who have now established a non-secular but an ‘apartheid’ Zionist entity. Such unholy alliance can only enhance the evil of “Islamic” al-Qaeda because evil begets evil. ‘The Takfiri doctrine (accusing others of apostasy)’ the deadly virus of al-Qaeda has infiltrated all parties that have politicized Islam, although Islam prohibits politicization of the religion. Indeed, the Middle East has become an arena where odds are high for an increasingly politicized Christianity, Judaism and Islam to engage in a deadly war. The evil of the politicization of religion and race shown in a single individual act in a highly advanced country like Norway, led to the murder of more than 97 people, mostly youngsters, who were massacred in their summer camp. Just imagine the atrocity waiting to take place in a volatile Middle East filled with strifes. For political conflicts to be void of the religious issue, de-politicization of religions must be achieved; otherwise, the myth of Armageddon may turn into a reality.
Marwan Bin al-Hakam was one of the great Ummayd Caliphs who laid the foundation stone for many economic and political reforms in addition to his military achievements. Known in history for his wisdom and political shrewdness, he held the holy book of Qur’an when he was told that the new authority was his, saying “politics and religion can never mix”. He then ruled the State leaving religious matters and education to the Moslem clergy, away from any political authority. He made sure that such an authority was in his hands never infringing upon the religious authority, which is only in the hand of God the Most High, according to the Qur’an.