A Jewish State or a New Ghetto?

Heated discussions take place every once in a while in Israel about the increasing waves of racial discrimination that have been invading the very structures of the Zionist Jewish entity. Despite the fact that the world has become ‘a global village’  where cultures are exchanged on a daily basis, we observe an isolated ghetto in which Israel has imprisoned itself in order to apply the same heinous forms of racial discrimination practiced by fascist and colonial regimes during the past century. Using the crutch of ‘preserving the survival of the Jewish state’, all means of discrimination backed by a brutal force and illegal annexation of Palestinian lands, became the official policy of all of Israel’s governments. A policy that has finally revealed the ugly nature of the Zionist entity which hides behind a democracy that only applies to European Jews and renders oriental Jews and Palestinian Arabs second and third class citizens, respectively. This very shameful reality of the Zionist entity was revealed by the dim wit, Rabbi Oeida Yousef, the so-called spiritual leader of Shas party, the strategic partner in the present Israeli government, who said: “the purpose that God created non-Jews is to make them serve Jews, God’s people”. This entrenched belief which is purely fascist in nature, has been derived from an egotistical thinking that Jews have received divine entitlements from God ‘to do whatever necessary to preserve the Jewishness of Israel’ which is in reality a spiritual state of higher consciousness, that lacks any political structure whatsoever, according to careful Biblical scholars, Jews and Christians, alike! Kadima Knesset member (MK), Yishai Horowitz recently wrote: “these days represent a very difficult time for Israeli democracy. Laws that are saturated with extreme hatred are being enacted without end within the walls of the Knesset (the Israeli Parliament)”.

Following Ehud Barak’s split from the Labour party, with five MKs joining him, Yuval Elbashan wrote that “there is a great fear that the axis of fascism is going to expand and grow now in Israel”. He continued that “the only one who is really laughing loudly for all to hear is Avigdor Lieberman who has now five obedient servants, the type he likes best because they think not, they hear not, they speak not, but they will vote according to the signal of the fascist axis which he established. He went on to say that “this is a very dangerous road taking Israel toward a cliff which leads to a deadly downfall. The dirty culture of extreme nationalism has become evident and ugly and things which used to be whispered behind closed doors are now being spoken in public without shame in front of cameras with raised hands and clenched fists saying: foreigners go out, Arabs go out, women return to your homes and get out of the streets and soldiers who break their silence (to expose brutality against Palestinians) must also go out along with Israeli human rights organizations”. This provides a very clear picture of the German Nazis with their ‘raised hands and clenched fists’  who were calling for the purification of ‘the Father Land’, exactly as the case is in Israel where the call for ‘a purely Jewish state free from non-Jewish elements’ is being heard loud and clear.

Israel’s far right and racist policies have been leading to a ‘ wave of social discrimination’ as Israeli writer Amona Alon put it. He also spoke of the ‘deviation of the Jewish people within the context of the family of peoples’ adding that “it is extremely difficult for any people to know the meaning of the essence of their deviate existence in the midst of never ending wars.” Also, Daniel Gavron wrote in the Newsweek magazine that “Israelis are doing their best to hinder and delay the fulfillment of the dream for a Jewish State by expanding settlements (colonies) in the occupied Palestinian territories” and by refusing the Arab plan for peace” choosing instead “the stupidity of establishing settlements which would leave most Israeli settlers in illegally confiscated Arab Lands”.

Other Israeli writers alerted the public to the rising  sentiments of hatred  within the Israeli government and society towards non-Jews. For example, Meretz Party MK, Dan Galon, warned and called for an end to “the phenomenon of fascism widely spreading among the people (of Israel) especially the Rabbis”. Ari Shavit wrote that “the extreme hate expressed against foreigners in Israel has given it an extremely bad smell” causing serious deterioration and producing “a degenerate behavior that renders Israel a dark apartheid state”. On his part, Jushoa Sobol warned of the ghettos now being created under Israeli policies, saying “many of us, especially the religious, are now unable to live like free human beings with other free human beings”. He added:  “After 62 years of independence, Israel finds itself living in a big ghetto split into small ghettos which are rotten through and through and preventing people ever to breathe.” Sobol concludes: “Many in the end will have to leave the rotten ghetto in order to go where there is freedom and respect for human rights to raise our children in a moralistic place.”

Fascism grows within a state of overwhelming fear and hostility, but history has shown us its loud downfall with its protagonists defeated. Gaining internal peace does not always lead to outward peace as clearly shows the current situation in the Middle East.