Why Is Israel Plunging Deep into Fascism?

The foundation of Israel’s strategy has been built on pillars, though buried deep and invisible, yet they have been used to serve the designated goals of Zionism. Some of these pillars are: (1) ‘The theory of absolute Israeli security’. (2) ‘Safe and secured boundaries’. (3) ‘Maintaining an overwhelming strike force that should always be superior to all the combined military forces of the enemy i.e. all, Arab States’. Iran has been added to the list of enemies of Israel with the possibility of Turkey and may be Egypt to be added soon!! (4) ‘Maintaining the maximum flow of military hardware and financial aid coming from abroad’.

Israel has become a hostage to the so-called ‘ Masada complex’ seeing only deadly enemies ‘bent on annihilating the Jews’. Such a fear-stricken psyche can only produce suicidal policies exactly as when the people of Jewish town (Masada) committed suicide in early history before Roman legions stormed their castle. This state of mind currently dominating the Israeli psyche has erased self-confidence leading to the adoption of the apartheid policy with its inhumane brutal force being waged against non-Jews, the Palestinians, ‘to protect the survival of the Jewish state’.

Fascism is an offshoot of a panic-stricken mentality that requires arsonists to fan its raging flames in the form of fascist political parties of the extreme right now dominating the political scene in Israel especially in the wake of the demise of the Labour Party. Such a growing fascist tendency is raising major concerns among Israeli human right organizations and among many groups of conscience around the world including a vast number of Jews. Israeli human right organizations, monitoring the situation in Israel, feel abhorrence to see the increased level of racial discrimination against the Palestinians living in areas occupied by Israel in 1948, and the Palestinians living in areas occupied in 1967.

Keen observers watching Israel see the same policies and practices generated by the fascist regimes, which once ruled Germany and Italy, being manifested in Israel today. Dr. Laurence Britt identified these fascist traits in his world-famous research as the ‘the dominance of extreme nationalistic tendency’ which is extremely egotistic in nature. Such a characteristic that applies to Israel’s political mentality is the result of centuries of Jews’ feelings of inferiority because of the Christian accusation against them as being the killers of the Christ (‘the blood liability’). This made the spilling of Jewish blood permitted to atone for spilling Christ’s blood. The establishment of the State of Israel was supposed to free the Jews from centuries-old atonement to Christians, but it never erased the memories of massacres and the repeated dispossession of Jews by Christians. The German people spewed their anger against the German Jews instead of the western allies who defeated and humiliated Germany after World War One. The bills of many pogroms gathering dust in Israeli memories and the bills of the holocaust are being paid in full by the Palestinians now on behalf of the Christian West who is the real culprit in this case.


The second trait of fascism is derived from distorted verses in religious books or a misunderstanding resulting from misinterpretation of these texts as the case was in issues relating to ‘Christians vs. Jews’. Jewish and Christian scholars in major American and western universities, as well as in the official “Encyclopedia Judaica”, warn students studying the Torah to be aware of the distortion within the Book which created ‘profane verses’ that used the religious ‘Kosher’ and ‘Halal’ slaughter terms as a pretext to commit atrocities against non-combatant civilians including innocent children and women in order ‘to protect and preserve Israel’. These scholars explain the reasons for such verses as being the result of the memorization of the Book which lasted for700 years before its verses were written down. Furthermore, the scribes who were transcribing the texts during the ‘Jewish exile in Babylon’ added fables which were copied from texts found in the library of Babylon! Such ‘profane verses’ in the Torah command ‘Beni Israel’ to commit massacres under “the command of the Lord of Israel”. The so-called ‘Divine Command’  is said to have been transferred to the Israelites by the Prophets of Israel, headed by Moses himself as quoted in the Torah,  which is totally false and has never been commanded by God or his Prophets.

The same verses made it absolutely necessary to keep the Hebrew language an exclusivity of the Jewish priesthood in order to guard them as secrets away from the eyes of the public. The Hebrew language became a spoken language only after the birth of Israel in 1948. These “profane verses” are never quoted during religious services in the Christian and Jewish Houses of Worship. , but they allowed the fascist Rabbi, Yousef Oeida to call for the ‘annihilation’ of the President of the Palestinian National Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, along with all the Palestinian People. One can only predict that the wave of madness gripping the Israeli extreme right (religious or nationalistic) will continue, yet it is alienating conscience groups in a world that has become a small village where the human race is increasingly aware of every event taking place on earth. Finally, one comforting fact reminds us that fascism, whether it targeting race, gender, color or being a religious dogma, is bound to annihilate itself by its own degenerate negative tendencies. History will again prove this fact right.