Israel: Will It Commit Suicide by the Hand of Its Own Sons?

The Jewish creed is steadily becoming the dominant factor in Israeli politics with the number of secular Israelis decreasing. The Zionist entity has acquired a religiosity after being born from secular principles and so the Middle East conflict, according to many Israelis, has become an extension to the so-called destroyed temple “that must be built again”. The destiny of the entire Middle East is now being linked to a myth that is bound to inflict destruction across the whole region, including Israel, if ever it turns into a reality. The self created religious dogma has now emerged as the deciding factor in Israeli politics, not the national interests or national security, thus affecting the safety and the very survival of Israel. Political pressures from the international community have utterly failed to stop Israel in its hell-bent policy of creating new facts on the ground and imposing them by brutal force upon the Palestinians in their lands occupied since 1967. This brutal Israeli policy has been and is still being operated above international law, without  feeling worry about or fear of any accountability, whatsoever; “if you have the power, then, you can do anything you might desire” and “international obligations and respect for and abidance by international law is for the weak only”. Such a state of mind that is currently prevailing in Israel is causing all differences between the left and the right to completely disappear. No difference can now be perceived between Ehud Barak, the current Defense Minister, who said; “if I were a Palestinian, and at the right age, I would have joined a terrorist organization”, and the extreme right ‘star’, Lieberman, who now insists on the so-called “oath of loyalty” that has to be pledged to “the Jewishness of Israel”, even by non-Jews to maintain the Israeli citizenship. No variance could also be seen between the positions of the two above, on the one hand, and the leader of the Israeli opposition, Tsibi Livni, the ever present yet an absentee, politically, who once said: “the national aspirations of the Palestinians of 1948 have to be fulfilled in the Palestinian state, not in Israel”. Moreover, the current Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, whose main project is to turn Israel into a purely Jewish state, is asking the Palestinians and the world to officially endorse his racial proposition which would make the transfer of Palestinians an absolute inevitability. Therefore, all of the above-mentioned Israeli leaders appear in full agreement to not cede an inch that might support legitimate Palestinian rights. A close observation of Israeli policy in the occupied territories reveals utter stupidity. An example is that the Israeli colonial settlements have practically negated the possibility of any peaceful two-state solution which has been an endorsed policy of the International Community. Colonial settlements have gained Israel the full image of and similarity with the former apartheid regime of South Africa, now buried in the history’s garbage dump. In his article ‘The Mark of Settlements’, published in Yediot Ahranot, Israeli writer Jedi Taos, said “The continued process of settlement is a clear proof that the Jewish state does not belong to the enlightened nations of the world. The ones looking at us from the outside believe that while Israel speak of two states, it is doing all it can to eternalize a situation in the occupied territories in which Jews have the right to vote, but not the Arabs. It is exactly like South Africa’s apartheid period. We are a state with a shameful mark on its forehead. And the settlements are this mark. We will not only be boycotted by musical bands and universities, but in the end, we will be boycotted by business companies and governments”. In an article entitled: “A State of Illusional Duality”, the Jewish writer, Alexander Jacobson, states: “It is clear, since 1967, that Israel has no choice to annex the territories and to grant citizenship to its occupants………, endorsing the annexation and the granting of citizenship is an illusion. How could we assume that Palestinians would agree to stay without any sense of belonging that is an integral part of the Arab world? There is no heroism in brutally attacking peace convoys to break the siege around Gaza. There is no heroism in attacking peaceful demonstrations against the Wall and against the expansion of colonial settlement. If Israel is not confronted with punitive resolutions, Israel’s madness would keep going.” The Israeli well known author Amos Oz, cites another example of Israel’s reckless policies viewing them as a man holding a big hammer and dealing with all problems as nails. In his article in the New York Times, entitled ‘ The Israeli Power, Without Aim at Sea’, Oz says “from our standpoint of view, we know very well that the Zionist project in Palestine is a colonial project in its essence. This project never meant to adopt, not this time or any other time, any serious resolution that would end for good the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.”  By holding on to Talmudic and Torah myths, Israel appears unable to achieve balance with violence committed on a daily basis brutalizing Palestinians economically, politically and culturally, igniting a huge fire that shall very soon drag the Israelis into its heat. It is important to remember that Israel will not be the first entity who would be committing suicide by the hand of her sons!