Has the Creator of Frankenstein Monster Become Disgusted with his Creation?

Victor Frankenstein, “a mad scientist”, decided to create a new life to serve humanity. Instead, he created a monster! By stealing corpses he chose the best organs for his new man. Unfortunately, he mistakenly stole a brain from a recently deceased dim witted criminal. The mad monster was revived during a stormy night which made the scientist shout: “He’s alive, he’s alive”! The first thing the mad monster did was to kill his creator. Although this story is pure fiction, it reflects a similitude in the Middle East. The monster, Israel, created by the scientist, the West, to change the area or control the natural resources in the Middle East, converted fiction into reality.  Could the same end be repeated in the Middle East where the creature kills its creator? The western powers’ unconditional support has turned Israel into a very spoiled and deadly monster. Israel has become a very heavy burden to the West; economically, politically and morally. The present Israeli government has caused acute concern in the West and left its states in a precarious position, unable to justify Israel’s policy of stealing Palestinian occupied territories, piece after piece, in the name of peace! The heinous quarantine of Gaza and the colonialization of the West Bank are the most condemned policies in our world today as it is witnessing the return of colonialization to Palestine after the sordid history of European colonialization ended decades ago. This international condemnation focused on the monstrous Israeli cruelty in the war against the Gaza Strip which was later described by the British Prime Minister, Mr. David Cameron: “An Open Prison Camp”. For the first time in the history of the Israeli entity, we are hearing mushrooming calls for the indictment of Israeli politicians and high military personalities for war crimes committed against Palestinian civilians. Although many legal cases have been filed in European courts against high ranking Israelis, the Zionist State persists in its criminal policies and racial prejudice against the Palestinians in the occupied territories, without fear of repercussions under International law. Until 1967, Israel was viewed positively in the West, in its role of victim being threatened by vast Arab armies insistent “to throw Israel in the sea”!!! This farce hid the truth about the real victim, the Palestinian people. Indeed, the West has been supporting Israel in every way and means. The atonement for the Western crime, the Holocaust, cemented the Western impression of the Israelis as victims building a democratic State; a rare phenomenon in the Middle East. In addition, majority of Israelis come from European countries which made Israel appear as extension of the West in the Middle East. The war of 1967 started the process of transforming Israel from “a poor victim” into an aggressive and dominant power in the Middle East. Later, Israel became a colonial power in the worst image of the hated colonial past, victimizing the Palestinians in the occupied territories. The so-called Israeli democracy and the so-called “the rule of law” became a cruel undemocratic policy that is above international law and contrary to humane behavior. A wall to imprison the Palestinian population’s erected, and the usurpation of lands “for security sake” continues!! In the 1990’s, the waves of fanatic Russian immigrants transformed the demographic makeup of Israel. This negatively affected its Western support. It uncovered the ugly reality of Israel where Israeli “settlers”/ colonizers steal Palestinian lands in the name of God, a racist and egotistical false claim to Palestinian territories which has led Western Supporters of Israel to clash with one and a half billion Muslims! Even the USA, the most ardent supporter of Israel is now experiencing a change of heart. Many academic and high ranking military personalities have recently condemned the influence of AIPAC, the Israeli Lobby, being exerted on American Foreign Policy. “J Street” which consists of Moderate American Jews has been established to check its undue influence and voice opposition to Israeli policy towards the Palestinians. “J Street” believes that this Israeli policy represents a mortal danger simultaneously to American National Interest and Security. The reversal of Israeli credibility has made Israel insistent on keeping its link with the Holocaust alive and well. Israeli Politicians insist that the Holocaust puts Israel above international law. Israeli politicians react to rightful criticism against their monstrous policy by calling their critics “Anti-Semitic”, in order to revive the memory of the Holocaust. In spite its opposition to granting Israel an exception, the international community has failed to make Israel accountable for violations of international law. Jedi Taos, an Israeli writer, states: “When we were a state determining the rightful destiny of Jews, the democratic world supported us. And when we became a state who stole from the Palestinians their right to determine their rightful destiny, the same democratic world has turned now hating us. This is the spirit of the world which caused the apartheid regime in South Africa to collapse. And this spirit is not Anti-Semitic, at all. Settling in the occupied territories is the proof that our course is heading towards a Jewish apartheid chapter in the land of Israel. It is exactly where South Africa stood in the eighties and early nineties which took it to utter destruction as a State”. Could this prophecy coming from the conscience of an Israeli writer become an actual reality?