Obama’s Shift in Middle East Policy: An “Understanding” View?

In order to understand President Barak Obama’s present Middle East policy, it is necessary to REVIEW his INITIAL agenda for “Change” and to understand the American pragmatic political mentality that always looks at the world from two basic points of view:

1-   Serving first and foremost the American National Interest and the American National Security.

2-   “Politics is the Art of Possible”, and what is “Possible”, is what is primarily suitable to domestic politics.

“Serving the National Interest” became distorted by the U.S. Congress into “serving the special interests” of those who pay the bills of their elections to Congress. National Security has become subservient to “The Special Interests” entities who control the U.S. Congress.

President Obama ran [to take the government back to the people from the grip of “special interests”]. This is “the change” which was promised by Obama to be delivered to the American people. Indeed, he is the first President who was not dependent on “special interest” money to get elected to the Presidency. The people of the United States sent him five and ten dollars donations by the millions to free him from “special interests” money.

President Obama came to power in the midst of an economic crisis which literally bankrupted America. The surplus of one trillion U.S. dollars which was left by President Clinton was transformed by President G.W. Bush into one and half trillion dollars in red. Additionally, the U.S. was (and continues) fighting two unfinished wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, in addition to its war against terrorism. President Obama’s agenda was set “to take the American government back to the American people”, according to the following steps:

1-   Recovery for the American Economy moving in full gear.

2-   A healthcare plan passed in Congress.

3-   A bill passed in Congress restricting the greed of “Wall Street”, so America and the world can never be robbed again.

4-   Implement “the change” of Obama in the American policy in the Middle East to affect the course of the war in Iraq, Afghanistan and the fight against international terrorism of Al Qaeda, in a way that favors the National Security of America.

Some of President Obama’s closest aids (who did the impossible to get him elected) are liberal adherents to the Jewish faith. And like many American politicians and thinkers, have concluded that the Palestinian/ Israeli conflict is turning into “a fight till death” between Jewish fundamentalism and Islamic fundamentalism. The Jewish fundamentalists (Israeli colonizers/ “settlers”) are being aided by the Christian fundamentalists, the popular base of the Republican Party in America, who are now being backed by “the special interests” against Obama and the West; America is the Arena for this “fight till death”. This view is espopused by many in the American Intelligence Community and the American Military Establishment, and it will affect the United States of America in a catastrophic way. “A weapon of Mass Destruction” has been elevated to “when” it may happen by the CIA. The failure to reach a peaceful settlement in the Middle East would determine the course of war in Iraq and in Afghanistan and the security of the oil fields in the Middle East, the blood line of Western economy.

The Obama “Change” was announced in Cairo. Then, how can any observer reconcile with what was said in Cairo and with what is actually happening now with the appeasing American Policy favoring Israel and supporting Israel against the whole world?

A lot has happened in America. The Obama “change” created a huge number of deadly enemies, hell bent to destroy the present American administration, to prevent the taking of Congress back to the American people from the “Special Interests”. Some are openly producing extreme hate against Obama on “talk shows” to encourage his assassination (political assassination in the least) to end his presidency. The command of this campaign is being headed by “the far right” of the Republican Party who elected Bush and their natural allies,  the Israeli far right, who is dominating the present Israeli government. This campaign’s focus is to take back Congress from the Democratic Party in order to prevent Obama’s reelection.

President Obama has temporarily lost the liberal sector of his Democratic Party because he has yet to:

1-   Withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan and fulfill his promise of  a quick end of the war upon taking office.

2-   Close Guantanamo.

3-   Fulfill his promise on the “Health Bill”,which he has made many compromises.

A very solid “far right” Republican based Christian fundamentalists has joined “the special interest” lobby in Washington, D.C. and the Jewish fundamentalists lobby to make sure that the Democratic Party would be utterly defeated during the fall elections. A reason President Obama became extremely weak to face the present Israeli government. The only way left open for Obama – in the eyes of optimistic analysts – is to stall for time in the hope of preventing a disaster hitting the Democratic Party in next fall’s Congressional elections. If this takes place successfully, the American administration would try to free the Israeli government from the grip of the special interests of Israeli “settlers”. They would encourage Netanyahu to change alliance to form a government with Kadima and Labor which will have 68 votes in the Knesset.