Going to the United Nations Or the “Dissolution” of the Palestinian Authority

It was nineteen years ago when the Madrid Conference was convened to establish “a just and lasting peace in the Middle East”. The Arab world and especially the Palestinians considered this conference as a first step towards freedom and independence. It was thought that peaceful co-existence between the Palestinians and the Israelis was “finally” at the hand. The then Prime Minister of Israel, after being pushed by President George Bush (the Father) to attend the peace conference viewed the negotiations as a delaying tactic to avoid any peaceful agreement with the Palestinians by saying: “Well, we will keep negotiating for ten or fifteen years”!!! Since then, to this very day, the above statement has been the official Israeli policy of every Israeli government. Negotiations to establish two states, living side by side in a peaceful co-existence, have become the official policy of the International Community, headed by the United States of America, including the State of Israel who recognized this policy though by lip service only. In fact, every Israeli government, more or less, has distorted the meaning of peaceful negotiations to become a stalling tactic to confiscate more Palestinian territories to build and expand Israeli colonies/ “settlements” while Palestinians sitting around the negotiating table. The present Netanyahu/ Liberman government is not only using the peaceful negotiations as a stalling tactic to grab more Palestinian lands, but has prepared “a final solution” for the Palestinian problem!! The insistence of the present Israeli government to make the world recognize the absolute Jewishness of the State of Israel is only the first step to transfer the non Jewish inhabitants (Palestinians) of 1948, along with other Palestinians primarily those in the West Bank. A non Jew would be an alien in an only Jewish State that is assigned to Jews only. And that is the real policy of the present Israeli government. The so-called Palestinian “State” was accurately defined by the Former Chief of Israeli Military Intelligence, Shlomo Gazet who said: “The State would be in the likeness of the Lahed State”. He was referring to the mini State which Israel established in Southern Lebanon headed by a renegade from the Lebanese army, Anton Lahed. Such a view from a “moderate” high-ranking Israeli military officer only means that there is hardly any intention now in Israel to permit the establishment of viable Palestinian State. The Palestinian Leadership seems to be convinced that negotiating with the present Israeli government has become an act of absolute futility. Dr. Saeb Oreikat, the Chief Palestinian Negotiator, summed up the futility in keeping on the negotiations with Israel by saying: “The dissolution of the Palestinian Authority will be a last resort solution if we do not reach the two states solution by the end of this year”. The dissolution of Authority has been in the minds of the Palestinians, but only as a second step. The first step is to go to the United Nations Security Council so that the international community, especially the United States, have to face their responsibility and their obligations towards what is being done daily by Israel in the occupied Palestinian territories. If the UN Security Council fails to do its international duty to make Israel respect and adhere to the dictate of international law, pertaining to occupied territories, then, the only solution left would be “the dissolution of Palestinian Authority”. And let Israel then deal directly with its occupation of the Palestinian land. At this stage, the Palestinians would follow and employ other means and ways to fulfill their national aspirations and to attain their legal rights and civil liberties. The Palestinians are being taxed and their territories are being annexed by the Israeli Parliament without giving the Palestinians the civil rights to be represented in the Israeli Parliament (the Knesset). Palestinians, at this stage, would want to join with what little left from Palestine with their annexed occupied land which is now considered part of the State of Israel. If not, the Palestinians would be “ready” to be “officially” annexed by Israel as part of a “one state solution” that is ruled by one law in which all inhabitants are equally treated. The Palestinian President assumed presidency of the Palestine Authority for the sake of establishing an independent Palestinian State. This very reason for him to stay at the Head of Authority has been negated by Israel leading him (i.e. the President) to allude to “the dissolution of the Palestinian Authority”. The very honor of the Palestinian Presidency and the very honor of his dedicated “peace team” are now being questioned by all quarters in both worlds, The Arab and Islamic. The Palestinian Authority is being accused of “providing the Legal Cover” for Israel to complete its annexation of Palestinian territories “with impunity in return of staying in authority”. This sever accusation is taking hold in the Arab street and in the Islamic world. It is because the Palestinian Authority is still being engaged with Israel in negotiations of absolute futility. What is making it worst is the very insistence of the American Government to keep these futile negotiations going on for pure domestic politics. The Palestinian Authority’s honor and life are on the line now and are being sacrificed by “the Camp for Peace” that is being headed by the U.S. Indeed, the world has to prepare itself when the gates of hell open up with the failure of “peaceful settlement” is announced by “the Dissolution of the Palestinian Authority”.